21 Day Fix Update – Everything You Need To Know

21 Day Fix Update – Everything You Need To Know

21 day fix

Do you want to lose weight, but do not know where to start? Well then, try newest Beachbody fitness program “21 Day Fix”. Why? Because it is a perfect blend of nutrition and fitness that will bring you Fast Results!

The one thing that sets 21 Day Fix apart from all other fitness routines is the simplicity of the program. Even beginners, who had never stepped into the gym, can really get best health and fitness results. You still have to show up for 21 days, organize your eating plan, and follow Autumn Calabrese (the trainer) in her routines to get the results you had been looking for. Here is how it all works:


What is 21 Day Fix Program?21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix reviews indicate that the program uses unique portion-control system combined with easy-to-follow 7 different high intensity workouts. This 21-day routine so simple, that anyone can jump up their fitness level and get incredible results in no time at all.

Like it says, “Shrink your waistline one plate at a time!”

No complex cardio routines, heavy weights, or confusing calorie charts are included in the program that makes it harder to manage fitness. You will be following a controlled-eating system combined with 30-minute workout schedule, to get in shape – fast!

How will Autumn Help you in 21 Days?

21 day fixIf all you wanted, was a routine that does not include intense physical training and just focuses on mending your health by taking care of your dietary habits, then 21 Day Fix is your answer!

In 21 days of the program, you will follow the portion-controlled system and a simple workout routine that will not lose any muscle mass, but get your body toned and provide shape definition. Here are the two things you will be working on:

Nutrition Plan:

You will be dividing your meal selections based on color and size of the containers that comes with your program kit. With this measurement technique, forget all about counting calories and making workout charts that used to make fitness so complex. Just sit down to eat the right foods in right quantities.

Workout Plan:

21 Day Fix workout is doable for all fitness levels. It follows plyometrics training technique to offer you best results. All the seven workouts are 30 minutes each, 7 days a week for 21 days. Test groups have lost an average of 15 lbs during each cycle.

The Results!

In just three weeks, you will lose 10 – 15 pounds, if you stick with the plan. Hats off to Autumn Calabrese for bringing 21-Day Fix – Amazing, isn’t it?

Order Your 21 Day Fix Fitness Program Today!

Where to Order 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix comes with three different options for purchase:

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack



21 Day Fix Base Kit


21 Day Fix Ultimate Kit


Carl Daikeler announced on his Facebook page “In its first eight hours, 21 Day Fix sold more than we projected… FOR THE WEEK”. Even Challenge pack is sold out now. Hurry up and pre-order the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, 21 Day Fix Base Kit, and 21 Day Fix Ultimate Kit on TeamBeachbody.com.



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