Are you ready for Beachbody Challenge?

Beachbody is a home of fitness and health products. You can be in your best form by jumping into any of Beachbody workouts. Beachbody workouts are not mere a combination of fitness equipment and accessories. It comes along health and fitness guide, workout calendar and workout DVDs. You also get a free coach by Beachbody and 24/7 online support for your assistance. Beachbody also manufactures a meal replacement known as Shakeology. It formulates countless health supplements. All of Beachbody products aim to eliminate obesity from society.

Take Beachbody Challenge?

Beachbody challenge is about getting jaw-dropping body transformation results and win incentives. These incentives include all expenses paid trips to Las Vegas, winning up to $100,000 and free T-Shirt from Beachbody. You can actually qualify for:

  1. Daily prize: $500
  2. Monthly prize: $1000
  3. Quarterly prize:  $5,000 and an expenses-paid trip
  4. Grand prize: $100,000

Beachbody Challengers


Beachbody Challenge 1

How can you get selected for it?

If you want to be grand prize champions, here are its details: Each year two grand champions are selected (one male and one female). These two champions are selected from a pool of eight grand prize finalists. Four of them are male and four female respectively. These finalists are chosen through online community and Beachbody judges. These two finalists when chosen are eligible for:

  1. Cash prize i.e. $100, 000
  2. All expenses paid trip to Las Vegas (one guest from each finalist) to attend Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2013.
  3. Free pass to Team Beachbody coach summit, 2013
  4. Professional photography and video shootings
  5. Prize money for your sponsoring coach i.e. $20, 000 and much more.

The procedure for selection of those eight grand prize finalists is more or less the same. There are four age groups i.e. group one is 18-29, group two ranges from ages 30-39, group three ranges from 40-49 and finally, group four ranges from ages 50 onwards. Two finalists make their way as grand prize champions. Remaining six finalists qualify for:

  1. Cash prize of $25,000
  2. Trip to Las Vegas for all finalists (and, one guest from each finalist) to attend Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2013
  3. Free passes to this summit
  4. Professional video and photo shoot
  5. Cash incentive for sponsoring coach i.e. $5000 and more

Looking for more incentives?

If you are looking for more incentives and prizes, you can qualify for these positions:

  1. Ultimate health grand prize champions
  2. Quarterly prize winners
  3. Monthly prize winners
  4. Monthly ultimate health transformation winners
  5. Daily prize winners
  6. Everyone who enters wins

You can log on to Beachbody official site to get started. You can also see their details, terms, and conditions online. If you have trouble in choosing the right workout for you, you can consult any Beachbody coach. He/She will guide you your way to success. So what are you waiting for? 

Beachbody Challenge 1

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