Avoid the Junk – Stick to Healthier Eating Habits

Avoid the Junk – Stick to Healthier Eating Habits

I am not fan of dieting – particularly fat diets – but I try to maintain health and fitness by eating smartly, and that means I avoid the junk.

Junk addiction has often said to be similar to drug addiction. Who can just eat one chip or one spoon of their favorite desserts? Saying no to junk food is hard, but today I will provide some tips, which you can learn to avoid the junk, keep it off, and minimize the effects of such food items.

Kick Out Junk Food – Add Healthier Eating Habits

There are many ways to get off junk food addiction, and stick to a healthy diet.

Make a SwitchMake a Switch:

For an addict, shifting from cookies, candies, salty snacks to veggies is not possible. Therefore, you need to take small steps. Start by switching from low-salt, low-sugar and low-fat varieties of your favorite snacks. It will be a great way to kick-off healthy eating habits.

Make Your Own TreatsMake Your Own Treats:

If you are bit of a sweet tooth, then learn baking! Instead of buying the cream puffs from outside, bake some oatmeal cookies for yourself. Also, when you bake at home, you are likely to reduce the amount of sugar and fat intake by half.

Special OccasionsTake Help From Special Occasions:

Organize yourself and fix a set time to eat the junk. It does not have to be every day. Make sure that you only indulge in the sugary treats on special occasions. This will help you control your addiction and make the treats worthwhile.

Make Better SelectionsMake Better Selections:

If you do have to munch while you watch a movie at night, or while studying, choose less damaging ones. Choose popcorn, without the added salts or butter, or unsalted pretzels instead of potato chips for a quick snack. Instead of an ice cream sundae, try a low-fat frozen desserts or fruits. At restaurants, do not up size your drinks or fries and get your burgers without the extra cheese, and so on.

Do Not Let Your Emotions Rule:

One big reason for taking on the junk food is your emotions. Often people who are going through emotional turmoil find junk food as soothing. The only reason why junk food makes you feel better is that our body is designed to seek out fast energy sources so it encourages pleasure when fast food is eaten. This energy is short-lived and only ends in excess of weight gain.

FiberFill Up on Fiber:

If you want to stop craving junk food and turn away from your addiction, take plenty of fiber foods in the breakfast. Eating a high-fiber diet stabilizes your blood sugar and keep cravings for sugary and starchy junk food at bay.

Burn Off the Indulgences:

Often all the strategies fail and you end up over-eating the unhealthy food items. That is ok – as long as you plan to overcome your slip-ups. Burn off the calories by taking on a physical activity or a workout and get back on the track to start eating healthy again.

What is your strategy for keeping off the junk food items and stick to healthy dietary routines? Share with us! 

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