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3 Day Cleanse vs. 3 Day Refresh: Beachbody’s Health Revitalization Systems!

Beachbody’s Health Revitalization Systems

People are constantly looking for quick fixes and cleansers to get the best of health by toxin removal from the body and losing the weight. Beachbody offers you complete revitalization programs that take just 3 days to give you the most efficient results. 3 day Cleanse and 3 day Refresh are the influential programs to reset your body to its natural state while maintaining the nutritional balance.

Both these programs involve the healthiest meal of the day, Shakeology, as it will provide more than 80 nutrients in the most natural way to supplement health. Let us review these cleansing programs that will help you stay vitalized all through the day while avoiding the junk food addiction.

Beachbody Cleansing Programs – Get Results in 3 Days:

Every person struggles with food and nutrition one time in their life. Whether it is the junk food addiction or other health concerns, 3 day cleanse and 3 day refresh will give you a fast relief from the unhealthy eating habits while giving you a for a fast, clean way to get the best of health.

3 Day Refresh vs. 3 Day Cleanse: Program Review

Both these Beachbody cleansing programs serve to give your body a complete detox while mending your habits.

Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse Review:

Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse ReviewShakeology is one of the best cleansing supplement because it is a premium mix of whole foods ingredients that will give your body 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Take a glass of this healthy shake each day and go about your daily routines usually without any unwanted hunger pangs or feeling dreary.

As opposed to taking Shakeology for 30 days, this 3 day system is a quick-fix solution to give you all the health benefits that you need to keep your inside clean. It is known as “performance cleanse” because it will give a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber in your body and boost the performance with additional health benefits.

Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse Reviews indicate that by the end of 3 Day Cleanse you will detox your body and fire up your health and fitness while losing weights in pounds!


3 Day Refresh Review:

3-day-refresh Review3 Day Refresh is a latest straightforward three day plan to give your body the nutritional balance it has lost. Our unhealthy eating habits have taken over health to the bottom, but this 3 Day Refresh system will bring your health back on track.

3 day refresh will cleanse your body by cutting down the calorie count to around 900 a day, with the help of Shakeology and Vanilla Fresh shakes, a fiber sweep drink and water, which will be followed with fresh fruits, veggies and healthy fats. Just follow the program guide and design your menu to get the maximum health benefits.

3 Day Refresh Reviews show that it has helped people lose around 6-9 lbs in such a short time while getting a flatter belly, feeling lighter and more energized.

3-day refresh_button

3 Day Cleanse vs. 3 Day Refresh: Final Verdict

3 Day Cleanse vs. 3 Day Refresh, both are revitalization programs that do not include any harsh chemicals or toxic latexes, but by following a healthy plan with the supplements, these cleansing programs ensure that you maximize health positively.

According to the 3-Day Refresh and 3-Day Cleanse results, Shakeology 3 day cleanse will offer you an inner cleanse to make you feel lighter and energetic even if you are following an exercise program. The 3 Day Refresh, on the other hand, will put an end to your struggles with food and nutrition plans by offering you a clean break from bad habits.

With better health, lighter weight and more energy, take on these programs to motivate yourself to work even harder each day!

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Low Impact Exercises that Burn Crazy Calories!

Are you looking for some easy to do exercises that burn the most calories? There are plenty of exercises, but only a few moves can burn calories fast, without making you scream in pain. Unfortunately, some of these exercises are a little under rated and people are not aware about them.

You can burn calories fast if you combine exercises with a good diet plan. But you must make sure that you get what your body needs to allow your body to develop great muscles. So here is our list of  low impact exercises that burn the most calories:

Low Impact Exercises that Burn Crazy CaloriesSwimming

Swimming is fun and can help you build your muscles. It is also very good for developing stamina and you don’t feel yourself sweating either. You will be able to work every single muscle of your body.


Cycling is easy and almost anyone can do it. You can easily cycle indoors or outdoors and get some sexy legs easily. You just need a good bike and a place to use it.


This might be a very difficult exercise for some people, but it will help you develop your shoulder and back muscles. Make sure you receive proper training for it.


You can develop lean muscles through Yoga. It can also help you find inner peace and is great for developing concentration.

These low impact exercises are easy and very effective. The best part is that you can do them easily; you just need to put in a tiny bit of effort to learn how to do them properly.

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Butt Exercises to Target Each Gluteus Muscle!

Butt Exercises to Target Each Gluteus Muscle!

Sitting all day isn’t doing your butt any favors. You need to get around for avoiding that fat around the bum, or better yet, start exercising to get a firm booty.

When it comes to butt exercises, women need something that will make their rear lifted and curvy. Sadly, it is usually the most stubborn area of the body and needs to be pushed hard to get in shape. Since the rear part of your body comprises of muscle group, “gluteus”, you need to start with workouts that will work on the development of gluteus. Let me detail you about the three regions of the gluteus muscles:

gluteus-maximus-medius-minimusGluteus Maximus:

They are the largest of the butt muscles, and help you to stand up by straightening your hips and thighs.

Gluteus Medius:

Covered mostly by the maximus muscle group, Medius is the second largest muscle that is the primary stabilizer of the hip. If this muscle is weak you will feel low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain.

Gluteus Minimus:

The smallest and deepest muscles in gluteus area, these muscles work together with medius muscles to abduct the thigh when the limb is extended. It also serves are one of the primary internal rotator of the hip joint.

Experts suggest that one way to counteract the sagging around the rear is to focus on these three booty-blasting exercises: Lunges, squats and dead lifts. These three basic fitness routines are used in combination and with weights to enhance fitness results.

Keeping the muscles in the gluteus in perspective, here are the top exercises that will target the stubborn fat deposits and keep your booty uptight and in shape:

Butt Workouts for Gluteus Maximus:

If you want to work the maximus muscles in your hip, you need to work on the extension of the thigh. Some of the best exercises for shaping the Gluteus Maximus muscles are:

  • squats for maximus gluteusSquats
  • Step Ups
  • Climbing Stairs
  • Front, Side and Reverse Lunges
  • Single Leg Dead-lifts
  • Kettle-bell Swings

Butt Workouts for Gluteus Medius:

Exercises that focus on adduction and lateral rotation of the thigh will target gluteus muscles. Strengthen the medius muscles by following these fitness routines:

  • side planks for medius gluteus Side Planks
  • Clams
  • Sprints
  • Single Leg Squats
  • Single Leg Dead-lifts
  • Lateral Walk with Resistance Bands

Butt Workouts for Gluteus Minimus:

Butt shaping workouts for minimus muscles will be same as the gluteus medius. It will be hard to target the minimus muscles specially, but these exercises will heavily involve these muscles:

  • inverted flyers exercise for minimus gluteusInverted Flyers
  • Seated Hip Abduction
  • Side Lying Hip Abduction
  • Curtsey Lunges


Building and shaping your derriere will become more effective if you take on the above mentioned butt exercises that focus on your gluteus muscles and target them from angels that will help to strengthen them while cutting the fat deposits. Select the programs you prefer to shape the gluteus muscles into the butt you desire!

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Facts about Women’s Wellness and Exercise Routines!

Facts about Women's Wellness and Exercise

What is the relation between fitness and health for women? Men exercise, so should women exercise too? If you are a woman and if you want to stay fit and healthy, you should exercise. But how will the quality of your life improve if you start exercising today? Well, a regular exercise routine will get you the following benefits:

  • Live longer or increase the probability of living longer
  • Decrease the chances of suffering from a heart problem
  • Decrease the chances of developing diabetes
  • Reduce the probability of developing colon cancer
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Increase strength of muscles, bones and joints
  • Improvement in brain functions
  • Help you in controlling your weight
  • Help you in keeping your blood pressure normal
  • Help you get rid of stress

Facts about Women's Health and Fitness ExercisesA few things to know before starting

You cannot start an exercise routine at once if you have not been very active in your daily life. If you are advanced in years, you may want to consult a doctor before doing anything. Health problems and pregnancy are some of the other things that you should consider as well before starting.

Always start with light exercise routines, and gradually move onto tougher routines. Your muscles will need to be in a good shape if you want to perform regular workouts. Intense exercise should only be started after you are confident that your body can go through the wear and tear every day. You can start by:

  • Using stairs instead of your building elevators.#
  • Regular walk at your local park
  • Regular jogging

How to maintain your routine?

You will never be able to continue your exercise routines if you lose interest in it. You must start by doing something you really like and enjoy. Exercising alone can be boring for some people. You should try getting a partner.

If you find your workout routine is painful for you, stop immediately. Exercise should help release stress from your body, and it is of no use if you are feeling pain.

Effects of regular exercise on heart

Your heart will start beating very fast when you go through intense exercise routines. That will keep it active and will keep your blood vessels clean. Because it will be active, you will reduce the probability of suffering from a coronary heart disease in your life.

Can old women exercise as well?

Old women should start off with endurance training and concentrate on stretching exercises. They should concentrate on building muscle strength. Once the muscles achieve certain strength, they can perform intense exercise.

Old women should go through a stretching exercise routine before beginning their day. The stretching exercise will help make muscles more flexible and ready for endurance training. Aerobics will help keep your body in shape and keep your muscles active. Aerobics can also help you build stamina which will make your fitter and you will be able to go through your entire day without feeling tired.

Weight control

Women are naturally conscious about their weight. If you are overweight, jogging may help in reducing weight. A regular exercise routine can help you build lean muscle. Lean muscles look great on women!

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Complete Hip Hop Abs Review: Dance Away the Belly Fat

Dance Away the Belly Fat with Hip Hop Abs

Dancers have light toned bodies with sexy abs and defined muscles. Have you ever wondered why? It is because they use muscles even while they are dancing. Hip Hop Abs dancing workout is similarly designed to give you a toned body and rock-hard abs without even getting on the floor for doing crunches or traditional sit-ups.

Shaun T will get you going with easy, yet effective, dance routines that are very different from the intense routines you might seen in Shaun T’s other intense workouts such as Insanity and The Asylum. He ensures that the routines focus on building the abdominal area and toughen the belly while burning excess weight from the belly region.

If you are interested in getting fit while having fun, then you have to check out this Hip Hop Abs review and understand the workout system to get started!

Complete Hip Hop Abs Review:

Learning About the Trainer:

Hip Hop Abs by Shaun TAs by the name of it, Shaun T will get you right into hip hop dancing, and jumping around that will not just involve you Abs, but focus on buns, hips and thighs as well.

Shaun T, the celebrity trainer, has expertise in dancing which makes this workout even more special. His constant motivation and “Heeeeeey” will keep your moods elevated all through the workout. Rockin’ Body is another of Shaun T’s fit dancing workout that involves higher intensity dance moves.

Hip Hop Abs Workout System Review:

Hip Hop Abs Workout System ReviewThe best thing about Hip Hop Abs workout is its simplicity. It is a 30-day workout routine that you can do whenever you want, as many times as you like. It involves just four fitness DVDs that can be done under half an hour to one hour, max!

The Secrets to Flat Abs is the first and shortest DVD of the series which will get you ready with the techniques of the workouts. It is going to instruct you how to “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten,” and how to execute the “C Sit” in proper form so that you prevent any possible injuries.

Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt are the next two DVDs that are around half an hour long and involve cardio and Ab structuring moves on medium intensity with some hot music and step-by-step instructions given by Shaun T.

The Total Body Burn is 45 minute long routine and include total body sculpting moves on higher impacts. In this routine you will perform a healthy session on squatting and sculpting that will make you feel the burn in the thighs for real.

The nutrition guide is also there to help you eat healthier while you are following the routines.

Another favorite part of the Hip Hop Abs workout system is the gym setting in the backdrop, which will make you feel like you are working out at a local gym. As for the music, try to keep it low, so that you can follow the instructions of your trainer properly.

Hip Hop Abs Results and ReviewsWhat will Hip Hops Abs Accomplish for You?

The main reason people fail to get rock-hard abs is that they deposit body fat around the region. To get rid of that fat, Shaun T uses unique practices in Hip Hop Abs that are followed by rigid diet plan so that your body starts to maintains low levels of fat around the region and you end up end up getting 3 inches off your waist in just 6 days.

To End:

Hip Hop Abs workout may not be intense, but is definitely challenging and the routines that include Pilate type movements will definitely make you feel the burn in the abdominal area.

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Exercise and Atrial Fibrillation: Useful Tips

Some useful tips regarding Exercise and Atrial Fibrillation

A regular exercise routine helps most people by helping them reduce weight and keep their body in good shape. Unfortunately, heart problems like Atrial Fibrillation exist which can hinder your efforts in following an intense exercise routine. People who do not suffer from any heart disease also struggle to keep up with their exercise routine, so how can a person with Atrial Fibrillation exercise regularly?

As you may know, people that suffer from Atrial Fibrillation have a high heart rate when compared to people who have a healthy heart. Exercise increases blood flow by increasing heart rate, but it does have other benefits as well. Even for people with a healthy heart, there are some safety guidelines. Fortunately, these guidelines are not totally different for people suffering Atrial Fibrillation. Here are some quick tips that will keep you safe and help you keep up with your daily exercise and atrial fibrillation.

Exercise and Atrial Fibrillation: Useful TipsExercise physiologist recommendations

You must get your heart properly analyzed before you start any exercise routine. This is true for normal people as well. You must only do those exercises that the physiologist recommends if you are starting for the first time after being diagnosed.

Monitor your heart rate

Most medicines will slow down the heart rate of a person suffering from Atrial Fibrillation. It is recommended that you monitor your heart rate by your breathing and how hard it is getting for you to continue the exercise. You must not be gasping for air!

Start with realistic goals

Even a normal person cannot jump into intense exercise routines straight away. So you should never set unachievable goals for yourself if you are suffering from a heart problem. Just take it easy on yourself and start by light exercises.

Adapt to interval exercises

There are plenty of exercises that can get you a good amount of rest between intervals. You should always go for such exercises. This will help you build endurance while making sure that you do not overexert yourself and end up with some serious heart issue.

Equip safety gear

It is common for people with Atrial Fibrillation to take blood thinning medications. If you take blood thinning medications, just make sure that you wear safety gear. This is to ensure that you don’t bleed to death in case of an accident.

Stretching routine

Even normal people warm up by stretching themselves. Make sure that you do some stretching before and after your exercise routine to keep your heart in a good shape.

Fluid restrictions

Keep yourself well hydrated but don’t cross your fluid restrictions if you have any. This will prevent you from injuring your heart.

Don’t let your body become too warm

Overheating your body may result in injure to the heart. Make sure that you don’t get too tired or else you might start feeling dizzy.

Final Words

So if you follow these tips, you can go through your exercise routine without too much problem. Most of these tips are followed by people with healthy hearts as well. After all, we all want to exercise without injuring ourselves!

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Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners

A girl doing yoga along the beach

Starting a new workout regimen is never easy, but you do not have to take on a joint jarring workout if you want to get your sweat running or want to burn extra calories. The key to losing weight is to start easy and challenge your body a little with a good deal of low impact fat burning workouts.

Cardio exercises are great for beginners who are not prepared to lift the heavy weights. Low impact routines will help the inactive people to get in proper form and start alleviating pressure on joints and muscles. At beginner fitness level, make sure that you do not go too fast with any cardio fitness routine as increasing sudden pressure on the body can increase the possibility of injuries.

Here are some of the low impact cardio exercises for all type of fitness that will help you get in shape and strengthen your muscles so that you can take your fitness a step ahead:

Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners Walking Punching

A very easy exercise routine that includes alternating left and right punches as you perform light walking. You can increase your walking pace gradually and incorporate jog or march while bringing your knees as high as you can and coordinate your punches with your pace. This will help you build posture as well as upper and lower body muscles.

Yoga and Pilates

Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners These two forms of exercising will help build mental and physical balance while improving muscular and postural strength. Even though Yoga and Pilates are different in their forms, these two low cardio impact routines will help you return back to exercise easily, as you maintain your fitness. PiYo workout by Chalene Johnson will help you combine both these factors together to strengthen your body and add flexibility. PiYo is a low impact cardio workout also includes high intensity routines while utilizing Yoga and Pilates to give you internal and external body strength.

Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners Windmill Steps

Beginning with simple side steps, you will move your training leg behind you with a slight tap, while adding large arm swing in circular motion. Gradually you intensify the routine as your body gets used to the light movements by dropping the hips lower to the ground in a squat position. Increase the step width and speed until you substitute step with a lateral jump.

So Let’s Get Started!

These are the three simple low impact cardio routines that you can perform at the comfort at your home and begin to build your body positively. Take up the routines gradually to get better muscle strength and definition while avoiding getting any injuries.

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Attain a Variety of Fitness Goals with P90X3 Workouts!

Attain a Variety of Fitness Goals with P90X3

Body transformation is not a one-day job, but with P90X3 training system, you can get the ripped look in just 30 minutes a day!

Introduced by the creator of P90X Tony Horton, P90X3 workouts are a combination of eccentric motions that will help to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. The tempo of the motion is fast paced so that more muscles can get activated while augmenting their growth potential. In the end, you get the ripped body you have always wished for.

P90X3 is not just a fitness program, but a complete training system that is versatile and is going to help you stay fit even during your busy schedules. Whether you want to get lean, improve sporting performance, accelerate metabolism, lose the extra or gain some mass, P90X3 is going to fit your fitness goals.

Here are some of the reasons why you should take on Accelerated fitness with P90X3:

P90x3 Workouts and Challenge PackP90X3 Works in Half Time:

The previous P90X series by Tony Horton required around an hour to complete the routines, but P90X3 is designed to work in half time. So if time was a constraint, Tony Horton assured that you do not make more excuses to get fit.

P90X3 is a Mixture of Workouts:

P90X3 workouts are available for everyone who wants to get fit without following any other P90X series as this program masters the techniques on its own.

In just 30 minutes of P90X3 fitness routine, you will be pushing your body to the limits with training techniques including Pilates, Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga, and routines with cardio, strength, and weights. Moreover, all the three different rotations – Classic, Lean and Doubles – are balanced in P90X3 so that you can get even better workout.

P90x3 by Tony HortonModifier for Everyone:

Those of you who have never tried a fitness program can take help from P90X3 workouts modifier that will help to make the routines easier. So if you have physical limitations, the modifications in the routines will help you ease the program according to your own pace, without taking away the efficiency of the P90X3 results.

P90X3 is Nutrition Based:

Like the other hour-long P90X series, P90X3 also comes with an intuitive nutrition plan that is designed to augment your performance and help you advance your results. The P90x3 Meal Plans are easy to adapt as it will suit your fitness background and will help to bring the best out of your body.

In Conclusion:

If you are ready to get trained professionally to get results then P90X3 Challenge Pack is going to fit your fitness goals. Make it an essential part of your fitness arsenal and you will be accelerating your muscle development in just a few months, while facilitating the weight loss process!


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