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Impacts of Caffeine on Workout Performance

Impact Of Coffine On Workout
The most widely used stimulant in the world is caffeine. People drink coffee in the mornings to ward off from drowsiness and stay alert all throughout the day.  Not just the coffee, caffeine is also found in teas, cocoa, chocolate, and colas. In the 1970’s, studies suggested that caffeine enhances endurance and performance as it increase the adrenaline flow throughout the body. Athletes also believe that adding caffeine before their fitness routines will help to give them an energy boost to augment sport’s performance. It is estimated that around 10% of people in the US consumed 10 cups per day. Read on to find out how caffeine affects you and improves your athletic performance: Affects Read more

Yoga versus Pilates and Benefits of Fusing the Routines

PiYo Workout
Fitness gurus always think of Yoga versus Pilates as the perfect couple to give you both physical and psychological benefits. Both of these fitness techniques are based on the science of body movement and facilitate transformation of mind, body, and spirit. The difference of both these routines is therefore very vague and is confused generally. Chalene Johnson took the very best Pilates and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass—as you're burning crazy calories. PiYo is NOW AVAILABLE! In simple terms, Pilates is a workout and Read more

Cinco de Mayo in United States!

celebrate Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo is perhaps the holiday most often celebrated, that no one or a very few people in United Sates, understands. What is it all about? How and why is it celebrated? What does it mean to Mexicans? Here I have tried to address these questions. What is Cinco de Mayo? “Cinco de Mayo” is a Spanish word which means ‘the fifth of May’. As the name suggests, it is celebrated on 5th of May, every year in United States and Mexico. Actually, Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday which is observed to celebrate the Battle of Peubla, which was fought on May 5th, 1862. Why Celebrate Battle of Puebla? Back in 1861, France sent a huge army to occupy Mexico, as they wanted to collect on Read more

Why is Strength Training Apt for Women?

Strength Training for Women
When it comes to training with weights, a number of women still believe that strength training is for those who want to look like “the Hulk” or like NFL’s linebacker. On the contrary, more women are benefitting from strength training than ever before, to get “toned” bodies. Strength Training Fitness Truths for Women: It is time to dismiss the myth that strength training is not for women as the best exercising results come from lifting hard and heavy. Weight training will help you cut the fat deposits, replace them with lean muscle mass, and offer you the best athletic results. Women have been improving their physiques by using the compound movements that recruit a lot of muscle Read more

Beachbody May Promotion on P90X3 and TurboFire Challenge Packs!

discount feature image
Beachbody May promotions are here to get you ready for the summer season. With yet another amazing discount offer on P90X3 Challenge Pack and TurboFire Challenge packs to get you ready for the best summer yet. Here are the details: P90X3 is discounted to $180 (normal price $205) TurboFire is discounted to $140 (normal price $180) With each Challenge Pack will get you: Your favorite Workout (P90X3 or TurboFire) A whole month supply or Shakeology Free Club Membership for a month Free Coach Support and access to private Facebook group P90X3 Challenge Pack Discounts P90X3 is the latest fitness phenomenon that takes fitness one step ahead of the original P90X series and Read more

Why Protein-Rich Breakfast is better for Health?

The fitness industry is laden with foods and supplements that are rich in protein as it is one of the basic nutrients to promote health and weight loss. Even those who want to cut back on unhealthy dietary routines can take help from protein-enriched meals, especially hearty protein breakfast, to improve their habits, while preventing untimely snacking throughout the day. Researchers have found that protein breakfast curbs hunger as compared to eating carbohydrate rich meal or skipping breakfast altogether. So avoid the pancakes, bagels, and waffles and take on protein rich meals in your mornings to attain the following benefits: Control Appetite: As said above, protein meals will help Read more

How to Augment Your Cardio Workout Results?

HIIT Cardi Workout
Exercising is essential when you want to stay at the peak of your health and fitness and cardio routines are even more beneficial to cater to your overall health. Not just the weight loss, but cardio-based exercises are the best selection for your body type whether you want to burn the fat, build the mass, and want to gain athletic performance or improve your health. Here is a little about cardio workouts and its efficiency to give you the best weight loss results: Cardio Fitness for Body Transformation: Cardio training involves low-level aerobic class exercises that will strengthen the working of cardio vascular system. Such workout routines will help to supply oxygen to the muscles Read more

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