Developing Healthy Dietary Defaults – Making the Right Food Choices

Developing Healthy Dietary Defaults – Making the Right Food Choices

The food choices that we make mindlessly, without really looking for the alternatives are called “diet defaults”. The things we eat every day for breakfast, or for lunch, or dinner, all account for our Diet defaults. They are the autopilot programs that are pre-set in our system.

What do you think of eating when you are hungry? What is your automatic default built-in?

Usually people indulge in food options that are destructive for the health. These unhealthy diet defaults result in breaking the diet routines and in effecting the health negatively. However, the unhealthy automatic choices we find ourselves making are not in-born. If we think actively, we are capable of making good dietary decisions.

Healthy Dietary

Make sure your diet defaults are the best choices that you make all day to keep a healthy routine. Here is a little about making right food choices when you are taking your meal portions.

Making Intelligent Food Choices

Most of the people do not think about the defaults they pick in their daily routines. A fried egg  Right Food Choices and a milk shake for breakfast, sandwich, or a burger for lunch and rice and juice for dinner are the usual meal picks for many people.

However, if you change your daily food menu to something healthier, you will find boost in health and fitness.

To make your first choices as your best choices for health, you need to optimize your food selection. Here are some tips to make your default meals healthier; here are a few things that you can opt for:

grain oatmealFor breakfast, a better option is taking Oatmeal. Instead of the milkshake, take a bowl full of whole grain oatmeal that is healthy, unprocessed, and easy to make when you are running short of time in the morning. Put in plenty of fruits and a protein shake in your breakfast to kick-start the day with complete nourishment.

For lunch, avoid taking the hefty burgers and go for salads that are healthy alternatives. Even if you are taking the burgers, cut the cheese and mayo out, refrain from taking the default side dish “the fries”, and get the steamed vegetables – since a single chip can have three times the calories of a baby carrot.

When taking your mid-day tea or coffee, instead of the “default” milk option, go for low-fat milk.

For dinner, opt for brown rice or eat the fresh fruits. Make green tea as your bed-time default drink and sleep light.


Default food choices play a big role when it comes to eating well and maintaining a healthy weight. By following these tips, do your defaults a do-over and make your default food choices as your best health choice.

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