Eating before Morning Workouts and Making Healthy Choices Afterwards!

Eating before Morning Workouts and Making Healthy Choices Afterwards!

Eating before Morning Workouts and Making Healthy Choices Afterwards

Do you like to work out early in the morning? Fueling the body is essential even if you are exercising in the a.m.

Although there is a widely accepted myth that forgoing food intake before you exercise will burn more body fat, but the truth is that starving your body will actually be detrimental for your health and fitness. For instance, a racecar cannot go into the track without a full tank of gas, similarly your body is an engine that needs to be properly fueled before you start a workout.

Usually your body is low on energy when you wake up in the morning. It is because your body’s ability to burn calories even when you are doing nothing at all. So starting exercise without replenishing fuel will keep your body starved for energy and  by the time you are done with your routine, your body will be severely famished.

Fueling the Body before Morning Workouts:

Taking shakeology to fuel the body before Morning WorkoutsNow that we know the importance of eating before morning workouts, the question is what you should eat to fuel your body properly. Morning eating can be tricky as it depends on the intensity of your workouts and the quantity of the food.

If your diet is lean and you are training hard, you need to take in more carbs that will help to strengthen your routines.

For healthy eating, take on supplemental drinks that offer you energy. Shakeology shake is a great option to fuel your body in the morning for your workouts. Try different Shakeology recipes with added fruits to perform even better in your morning fitness sessions.

A serving of banana in the morning is also great workout supplement. To add extra serving of carbs, add rice, sweet potato or eat a bowl full of energy cereals with oats with milk to make your breakfast extra nourishing. Fruit with yogurt also works as a sufficient meal for morning workouts.

What to Eat After Morning Fitness Routines?

P90X-Results-and-Recovery-FormulaLike eating before your workouts will help to fuel your body and help you perform better in your routines, morning recovery meals will also benefit your fitness results. If you are not taking Shakeology or any other supplement like Results and Recovery Formula before your session, include a glass full of these nutritional drinks after you are done with your workouts.

They will help to replenish the lost electrolytes. Moreover, eating immediately post-workout will build muscles and reduce body fat. A peanut butter sandwich or whole-wheat bagels are also great to restore the energy levels and help your body revive.

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