Facts about Women’s Wellness and Exercise Routines!

Facts about Women’s Wellness and Exercise Routines!

Facts about Women's Wellness and Exercise

What is the relation between fitness and health for women? Men exercise, so should women exercise too? If you are a woman and if you want to stay fit and healthy, you should exercise. But how will the quality of your life improve if you start exercising today? Well, a regular exercise routine will get you the following benefits:

  • Live longer or increase the probability of living longer
  • Decrease the chances of suffering from a heart problem
  • Decrease the chances of developing diabetes
  • Reduce the probability of developing colon cancer
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Increase strength of muscles, bones and joints
  • Improvement in brain functions
  • Help you in controlling your weight
  • Help you in keeping your blood pressure normal
  • Help you get rid of stress

Facts about Women's Health and Fitness ExercisesA few things to know before starting

You cannot start an exercise routine at once if you have not been very active in your daily life. If you are advanced in years, you may want to consult a doctor before doing anything. Health problems and pregnancy are some of the other things that you should consider as well before starting.

Always start with light exercise routines, and gradually move onto tougher routines. Your muscles will need to be in a good shape if you want to perform regular workouts. Intense exercise should only be started after you are confident that your body can go through the wear and tear every day. You can start by:

  • Using stairs instead of your building elevators.#
  • Regular walk at your local park
  • Regular jogging

How to maintain your routine?

You will never be able to continue your exercise routines if you lose interest in it. You must start by doing something you really like and enjoy. Exercising alone can be boring for some people. You should try getting a partner.

If you find your workout routine is painful for you, stop immediately. Exercise should help release stress from your body, and it is of no use if you are feeling pain.

Effects of regular exercise on heart

Your heart will start beating very fast when you go through intense exercise routines. That will keep it active and will keep your blood vessels clean. Because it will be active, you will reduce the probability of suffering from a coronary heart disease in your life.

Can old women exercise as well?

Old women should start off with endurance training and concentrate on stretching exercises. They should concentrate on building muscle strength. Once the muscles achieve certain strength, they can perform intense exercise.

Old women should go through a stretching exercise routine before beginning their day. The stretching exercise will help make muscles more flexible and ready for endurance training. Aerobics will help keep your body in shape and keep your muscles active. Aerobics can also help you build stamina which will make your fitter and you will be able to go through your entire day without feeling tired.

Weight control

Women are naturally conscious about their weight. If you are overweight, jogging may help in reducing weight. A regular exercise routine can help you build lean muscle. Lean muscles look great on women!

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