Get Out Of That Fitness Rut And Start Fresh!

Get Out Of That Fitness Rut And Start Fresh!

Get Out Of That Fitness Rut And Start Fresh!

When you start with any workout routine, you have all the motivation to carry out the program until the end. You improve your diet by eating healthy, exercises rigorously and after a couple of weeks, you start seeing results. Good for you!

But do you know that this will not last forever? It is because your body gets accustomed to the routines that have taxed it to the max. Your body hits the unwanted “fitness rut” and you will stop seeing progress in your fitness. Not just your body, but by following the same routine for weeks (or months) you will start to get bored and become totally frustrated.

Remember: to see continual results, you continue to challenge your body. If you are still sticking with your old workout in the hopes of getting results eventually – it is time you follow these rut-busting strategies and attain visible fitness results:

Sign up for an event

Fitness events such as cycling competitions and marathons are great way to exercise outdoors and get away from the old routines. Signup for one or more of the local fitness events and stay motivated towards fitness.

Grab a workout buddyGrab a workout buddy

Workout buddy, be it a family member, friend, significant other or your neighbor, will inspire you to work hard. Through a buddy, you can kill off the boredom from your routines.

Get a trainer

Professional coaches can help you mend your workout routines and suggest you ways through which you can get past the fitness rut and start seeing results.

Track your activity

By keeping a check on the results of your workout routines, you may mark smart tweaks to your routines and mark the results you get from the change.

Swap fitness DVDsBeachbody Fitness Programs

You get tired of following one single routine every day, over and over again. Get move fitness DVDs from the library or borrow them from your friends and try out different workouts that focus your fitness needs.

Increase the reps or add more weight

Often your body gets used to the workout routines. If you are doing strength building routines, you can pump up the results by increasing the intensity of the workout. Add another set of rep, or lift heavier dumbbells to add toughness to the routines.

Get back to basics

If you have moved up in your fitness level and it has been a time since you are catering to high-intensity workouts –then this could be the best time to get a course on attain the right workout form. This will help you learn things you had missed or have forgotten. Master the technique and add more variations.

Try something new

New is always better when it comes to hitting a fitness plateau. New workouts seem to be daunting and you have more motivation to complete them and see the results.

Take an active rest dayTake an active rest day

Rest days are important, but you do not want to get lazy on such days. Burn the calories even if you do not exercise by going outside and playing with your siblings.

Rethink your warm-up

Prep your muscles properly if you want to get a workout done with success and avoid the injuries. Not all warm-ups are created equally. Follow the one that comes with your fitness DVD or stretch out your muscles for 10-15 minutes before you begin your main workout.

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