How Should Men And Women Fitness Workouts Differ?

How Should Men And Women Fitness Workouts Differ?

Fitness topics are always surrounded by a number of questions, especially when it comes to the type of workouts men or women should do.

Men And Women Fitness Workouts

The workouts for men should be different for women, just like the night is different from the day! Before addressing the issue, it is important that you understand why women workouts should vary in style and intensity as compared to those of men.

Discussing the Men and Women Fitness Levels:

Difference of hormones:

The main difference lies in the fact Testosterone (a male dominant hormone) is a necessary hormone for increasing muscle mass. Although women also have testosterone but in very low amounts. They have abundance of the hormone estrogen.

Men can therefore bulk up faster, and gain on more muscle mass than women.

Difference of Goals:

Men usually dream of having the hulk-muscles and be brawny where as women aim to get on fitness workouts that will help to get them lean and tone the mass.

However, both men and women will benefit from resistance training workouts if their goal is to lose body fat. Regularly working with weights and taking on resistance training exercises can not only help men and women become physically active but also burn away sizable amounts of calories and fat, while building up muscles.

Which Workouts are Better – Men vs. Women?

Since there is a difference of goals, and results both men and women get from same workouts, it is better if you choose a workout according to your gender and/or fitness levels.

The final choice of picking out the perfect workout is yours; however, a few things are compiled here so that you can make your decision easily.

Workouts That Focus More on Calorie Burn:

Calorie burn is the mantra of weight loss. As men have faster metabolic rates than women, so they can burn more and get advanced results.

Women can also have ramp up burning of the calories from their workouts by following the workouts. Many of Beachbody fitness program will offer women to burn calories up to 1000 in just an hour. Here are a few to mention:

FOCUS T25: burn around 350-400 calories per workout (in less than half an hour)

INSANITY: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour

P90X: Burns an average of 600 calories per workout (average 57 minutes)

TURBO FIRE WORKOUT: burns up to 9x more fat and calories than with traditional cardio

TURBO JAM: burns off 700 calories, for the 45-minute cardio workouts

LES MILLS PUMP: burns up to 600 calories in one session of workout routine.

Workouts That Focus More on Flexibility:

Although men have a higher metabolic rate, but women win at being more flexible. Flexibility workouts are amazing body toning routines (especially for women). These type of workouts usually focus on shaping up different body parts, so that you lose massive weight and get a leaner body.

Furthermore, men can add flexibility exercises in their fitness routines to get well-shaped bodies and better toned muscles.

Brazil Butt Lift, Yoga Booty Ballet, Tai Cheng, and Body Gospel workouts combine calorie-blasting cardio moves, Pilates, yoga, ballet routines, and athletic training to work on the abs and shred away the hanging pounds.


Both men and women want to look good and feel healthier. By choosing the right workout, both the genders can attain maximum results with the right workouts according to their fitness.

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