True Influencers of Obesity And Weight Loss – Myths & Facts

True Influencers of Obesity And Weight Loss – Myths & Facts


Have you ever heard the following statements when reading about weight?

“Your breakfasts should be hefty.”

“Gyms help to control the weight of the children.”

“Snacking is bad.”

“You should have three large meals instead of several smaller ones.” 

The internet is laden with unsupported scientific beliefs about obesity that are actually persuading people falsely – including the aforementioned myths about weight gain and obesity. Here is the explanation of the above-mentioned myths about obesity, weight gain and weight loss and the facts that can help you get on with healthier lifestyles.

Myth No. 1: Breakfasts Should Be Hefty!

Breakfasts Should Be Hefty

Breakfast is indeed an important meal, but should we really be bamboozled into eating desserts, butter, and high calorie foods in the breakfast? You need to stop now!


You need your nutritional balance in the breakfasts, like in other meal times (lunch and dinner). Healthy eating should start from the morning time to help you develop energy for your body.

Shakeology meal replacement shake is the best option if you really want to take in a full healthy meal supplement at breakfast. Although it will not replace the importance, but Shakeology will help fight weight gain and give you the energy boost you require to kick off the rest of the day.

Myth No. 2: Gyms Control The Weight Of Children!

Gym and Children

Obesity is does not really ended if you send your kids to gym classes daily. A team of scientists argue that lifting weights at the gym is does not help to end the obesity trend in the children


The big issue to control the obesity development in children is to control weight gain. This comes from changing the food environment and making the kids get involved with daily fitness routines that are fun.

Check out Tony Horton’s Tony & the Kids and Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club programs that pack complete health and fitness for the children, while fighting off the growing obesity rates.

Myth No. 3: Snacking Is Bad!

Snacking Is Bad

It is said that snacking is bad, especially late at night, since you cannot burn off the calories during that time. Conversely, calorie burn cannot tell time and is not dependant on day or night.


Snacking is great – if you eat the right things. Researchers suggest that snacking is popular, but it is important to eat something on the light side to curb the cravings and to avoid excess of calories. Take help from Shakeology recipes and make healthy snacks for the late night hankerings.

Myth No. 4: Three Large Meals Are Better!

Three Large Meals Are Better

It is a myth that you do not get proper nutrition if you eat several meals instead of larger ones. You cannot really divide the nutrition count on the number of meals you take.


Nutritionists agree that you should not go long hours without taking anything, especially if you are hungry. Whether you eat 3 times or 6 times, the weight loss results actually depends on what and how much you eat.


Researchers and scientific publications from all around the world suggest that there are so many inaccurate beliefs about obesity that they are actually harming the health of people. However, eating fewer calories affects the weight loss process greatly.

Make changes to your lifestyle and adopt better dietary habits to trigger the weight loss process. Moreover, exercise daily and use up the energy to burn off the calories that you take in.



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