My Camp Do More 2011 Recap

My Camp Do More 2011 Recap

My favorite time of year — Camp Do More — came and went, and I’m finally getting a chance to process the experience and rehash the memories! If you’ve never been to camp, this is what you’re missing and exactly why you need to get your butt there in 2012!

First Day of Camp – Meet Up

The best way to describe the first day of camp is “O-M-G.” It’s so awesome to see all the friends I’ve made online and on social media in person! Being a Beachbody Coach, there are a lot of people I talk to on a daily basis that I’ve never physically met. Getting the chance to actually HUG these people rocked! Putting a face and body to a name or Twitter handle was great!

Opening Turbo Kick Workout

Another highlight of the first day and of camp in general is the opening number. This is no joke people! We’re talking about an MTV performance here! Chalene looked beyond amazing! (I know she’s my BFF, but I tell it like it is, and holy smokes, amazing she was!) The backup dancers, Alee Vicencio and Lauren Muchko look HOT and killed it as well! After the opening dance, Jenelle Summers and I got to come out on the main stage in our fishnets and booty shorts to help lead over 500 campers in a killer, super intense Turbo Kick workout!! Sweat was flying, people were screaming, and mad calories were burned! Like I said, Day 1 is NO JOKE!!!

Day 2 started with a bang and another kick-butt Turbo workout led by members of Powder Blue’s Elite Video Talent Team and top APDs. Before we knew it, it was time for our first lecture from Chalene. Where else can you find people covered in glitter and dressed in crazy-bright colors with strings hanging from their capris sitting down after a workout for an amazing lecture that can seriously impact their path in life? Welcome to MY CAMP DO MORE!! Chalene’s lecture, “Mapping Your Course,” had us laughing, crying, pondering, and laughing again. We really took some time to reflect on what the heck we were doing in life, what we want and need to be doing, and how to get there.

Winn Claybaugh & Chalene

After we “mapped our course,” we got to experience an awesome lecture from Winn Claybaugh. He totally fits in with the Camp Do More crowd as his speech was titled, “Who’s Your Daddy.” He gets us! Winn drove home points about keeping life drama free and creating a positive, supportive team in life and in the workplace.

Hustle Medley

Later, there was a crazy Hustle Medley performance. Thank heavens for Alee Vicencio who organized the choreography from all of the killer Hustle routines and made an awesome mix! She is sooo flippin’ talented, gorgeous, and smart! I was super stoked to have a tiny dance solo in the routine…even if Johnson made me pay her to get it. : ) Emee, 5 year old krumping STAR blew us all away when he battled Chalene at the end of the performance!… BTW, SYTYCD and ABDC, contact me! We are available…I mean, maybe we can see about squeezing you in.

The night ended with a Katy Perry-style fashion show. Are you kidding me Nolan Robert?! Can you say SUPERSTAR? This guy directed the whole show and came up with the entire concept!

Cierra & Kiley

It was BEYOND! The show started with my niece — yes, I consider her my niece — Cierra doing her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Base” with her BFF Kiley Crane. They were adorable! Cierra crushed it..seriously CRUSHED IT! Move over Johnson, lil Johnson ROCKS! : )

Jenelle at Fashion Show

Everything was breathtaking: the clothes, the models, Toni Cook (Mother of a village, practically — twins, quads, and a single — oh yeah, back off ! She’s hot!! ), Jenelle Summers… I tease Jenelle a lot, but girlfriend either had on a lot of make up or a body double, OR it was really her, and she looked incredible. (It was really her!!!) ; ) Genelle Seward

Mindy at Fashion Show

ALWAYS brings it, and so does Donna Meyer (no splits this time, but she was oozing fabulosity)! Mindy Lawhorne definitely played it up even more this year since her husband Lee was in the audience for the first time. Girl was working it! All of the models, dancers, and gymnasts were on point! Vassy got the show off to an awesome start with her performance.

Fashion Show

What better way to end the show than with shirtless, sparkling men dancing all over the stage? This show was HOT! Then the madness began. People stormed the boutique and starting shopping like crazy!

PiYo Medley

Day 3 began with another incredibly fun, yet intense Hustle workout where we learned the show from Hustle 17. Not long after that, we were wowed by the PiYo Medley. Think Cirque Du Soleil meets hip and hotness!

Red Carpet Peeps

This year we had our first Red Carpet group, too! These people were treated to early entrance to workouts, a sneak peak at the new Turbo Wear line, early shopping, and an amazing opportunity to spend some time with Chalene at a beautiful, outdoor dinner and cocktail party before the dance. This group had a really special experience!

My Entrance to the Dance Party

That night brought the best part of camp…the dance party! Yours truly was the MC! I entered the ring, I mean dance floor, ready to go…boxing gloves and all! My opponents: everyone there! The DJ introduced me with true stats like “weighing in at an even 100 pounds, it’s the hop to CHAY-lene’s Hustle”…or something like that.

Nolan and I at the Dance Party

Brock Johnson surprised all of his with his MAD dance SKILLZ! He and Genelle Seward battled, and I must say Brock’s Dougie kicked Genelle’s cute bootay!

Brock and Genelle battle it out!

Yep, it’s pretty obvious the kid has been watching all those Hustle videos I lead. (Ohhh no she didn’t!!)

Me Getting People Moving!

Anyways, everyone danced until midnight and some of us even longer! What a way to end our last night at camp!

We sweated together, listened to life-changing lectures, and shared our stories. Most importantly, we made commitments to ourselves and

Black Light Turbo Kick Workout

one another to DO MORE and be more. I could explain every detail, but I’m sure all past attendees will agree with me when I say you can’t understand how impactful and amazing camp is until you experience it for yourself! Camp Do More is definitely an investment in yourself that allows you to give back and pay it forward in all areas of life. You’ve got to join us in 2012! Just a heads up, registrations are open NOW and they are filling up FAST! Here’s where you can register: CAMP DO MORE 2012. Save your spot and make the commitment with me to DO MORE in 2012!

My Team!

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