Obesity Causing the Risk of 10 Major Health Problems!

Obesity Causing the Risk of 10 Major Health Problems!

Obesity Causing the Risk of 10 Major Health Problems!

The Americans are bursting at the seams as the rate of obesity/overweight affects both young and adult citizens. The rates have doubled for children over the past thirty years. This national-wide health issue is not just problematic on its own, being morbidly obese will cause a number of life threatening diseases.

Listed below are some of the health risks that are caused due to obesity or overweight:

Heart Diseases:

American Heart Association links obesity with heart conditions. Overweight people are at a greater risk of suffering a heart attack before the age of 45. Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

High Blood Pressure:hypertension

Your chances of having high blood pressure are greater if you are overweight or obese because of an increase in blood volume and arterial resistance. If the blood pressure remains high over time, it can damage the body in many ways.


Excess of weight puts too much strain on our circulatory system that increases the risks of stroke.


Obesity is related to insulin resistance in the body, which causes Type 2 Diabetes. In obese people, cells in the body become more resistant to the effects of insulin and high glucose levels in the body.

High Cholesterol levels:High Cholesterol level

Obesity causes increase of blood cholesterol level. The cholesterol increase in the blood stream results in forming clots that can lead to serious conditions.


American Heart Association found that obese people are at 50% increased chance of developing cancer. Ovarian cancer is also linked to the increased fat deposits in the body. Even losing as little as 12 pounds can decrease the risk of developing cancerous cells in the body.


Excessive fat deposits in the body causes changes in the hormonal levels of women and cause menstrual issues. Studies indicate that women who are 15-25 pounds overweight are at a higher risk of suffering from infertility. Even overweight men are at a greater chance of developing impotence and a low sperm count.

Back Pain:Back Pain

Obesity contributes to back and joint pain as excessive weight can injure most vulnerable parts of the spine.


Osteoarthritis is a joint problem of knees, hips, and lower back. Extra weight can put more pressure on the joints that can ultimately become the source of pain.


Gallstones are stone-like materials that are formed in the gall-bladder due to high level of cholesterol in the body.

It is high time that we start mending our lives to get the best of health and fitness and tackle the problems from an early age by making healthier lifestyle choices.

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