Obesity And Diseases

Obesity And Diseases

Obesity And Diseases

Many people think of ‘obese’ as synonym of ‘overweight’, though ‘overweight’ and ‘obesity’ are two different terms. Obesity means putting on too much fat whereas a person might get heavy weight because of muscles, body mass or water. Being overweight does not mean to be in a danger state; however, obesity should be taken seriously. Obesity, after a certain limit, becomes an alarming situation.

With obesity come too many diseases. Below are the top 10 diseases the risks of which are increased with obesity:


Obesity is the main cause of Type 2 Diabetes, which in turn is responsible for other dangerous health related issues such weakness and failures of kidneys, blindness, weak eye sights, and non-traumatic lower limb amputations. There are specific weight loss programs targeted towards diabetes patients. A weight loss of around 20 pounds can lower the risks of Diabetes to a greater extent.

Angina and Other Heart Related Problems:

Obesity means higher levels of poor cholesterols. The bad cholesterol, when accumulated inside the arteries coming from and towards the heart, creates blockade for the blood, hampering their smooth flow. This results in serious heart attacks.


American Heart Association has found obesity increases the risk of cancer by 50 percent.


High blood pressure is one of the severe outcomes of obesity. More than 75 million people in America suffer from high blood pressure. High blood pressure also leads to several other health problems.

Back Pain:

Obese people are more vulnerable to back pain issues due to increased weight and imbalance of posture.


Obese people, especially obese men, have greater risks of developing gastric ulcers.


Due to increased weight and burden on the joints of the bone, fat people are more vulnerable to swelling and stiffness of joints, a disease called as arthritis.


Obese women are at risk of infertility and ovarian cancer. Reducing around 15 pounds can help reduce the risk.

Skin Problems:

Obese people are exposes to skin problems due to folding and sweating of skin.


Gallstones are more common in obese women, especially old women and those with a family history of Gallstones. Gallstones are formed when the liver generates more bile than needed.


Obesity shall not be taken lightly. It leads to many diseases. Almost all obesity related diseases are not only dangerous but also lead to more health related risks. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercises, and workout programs can help fight obesity and reduce the risks of obesity, and of course all obesity related diseases.

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