Keep Off Winter Annoyances, Make Outdoor Fitness More Enjoyable!

Keep Off Winter Annoyances, Make Outdoor Fitness More Enjoyable!

Make Outdoor Fitness More Enjoyable!

Running and working out in winter season seems like a chore. You have to really prepare your mind and body to get outdoors. You can always stay toasty by running on the treadmill when it is chilly outside, but it is nothing like breathing the fresh air and enjoying the tranquility that you can get from an outdoor fitness routine.

Even though running outdoors in winters is a hobby for many, but the factors such as running nose, wet socks, numbness and stiffness of muscles and joints makes it harder to keep up with your routines. If you have been facing difficulty in keeping up with your outdoor fitness during the chilly season, here are some tips and solutions to avoid the cold weather annoyances and get a more enjoyable run outside.

Make Winter Fitness Trouble-free:

Trouble with Wearing Layers:Trouble with Wearing Layers

It is the demand of winter season to wear layers when you plan to get outdoors for fitness. However, with intense physical exertion, your body temperature rises and you start to overheat and sweat. The sweating in the cold weather often leads to stiffness and joint pains.

To resolve the issue, you need to take into account a few things: First, consider the fact that if it is sunny outside, you may want to wear fewer layers. A warm-up exercise will be a good way to warm-up your body before you get outdoors and help you avoid wearing the extra layers.

Cold Windy Weather and Breathing Issues:Cold Windy Weather and Breathing Issues

When it is windy outside in winters, most of the people are faced with shortness of breath, and often a runny nose. According to a ENT specialist in New York, this can be associated with exercise-induced asthma and you should consult a doctor for that.

If not, then the best way to keep nose and breath warm is to wear a ski mask while you perform your fitness routines. The ski mask will prevent the chilly wind to hit your nose directly and may make it easier for you to breathe. Avoid breathing through mouth as the freezing cold air makes it harder to breathe.

Dealing With the Numb Toes and Fingers:Dealing With the Numb Toes and Fingers

Even with the woolen gloves and jogging shoes on, cold weather numbs certain body parts. This happens when there is not proper blood flow or when your hands and feet sweat.

To fix the issue, avoid wearing gloves and socks that separate the toes and fingers. They only make them absorbs the sweat more and make them colder. Just layer up with simple attire that are sweat absorbent and are specially designed for running in winters. Double the layer if you are going below certain temperatures. Another way to avoid the numbness of toes is to keep away from wearing too tight, or too small shoes that hinder with the proper blood flow.

Follow the simple techniques to avoid the annoyances that are making your winter fitness outdoors a dread and just layer-up, and get your adrenaline rushing as you hit the snowy roads!

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