Why is Strength Training Apt for Women?

Why is Strength Training Apt for Women?

Strength Training for Women

When it comes to training with weights, a number of women still believe that strength training is for those who want to look like “the Hulk” or like NFL’s linebacker. On the contrary, more women are benefitting from strength training than ever before, to get “toned” bodies.

Strength Training Fitness Truths for Women:

Strength Training FitnessIt is time to dismiss the myth that strength training is not for women as the best exercising results come from lifting hard and heavy.

Weight training will help you cut the fat deposits, replace them with lean muscle mass, and offer you the best athletic results. Women have been improving their physiques by using the compound movements that recruit a lot of muscle mass.

Moreover, the male dominant hormone testosterone is responsible for building massive muscles. Since women do not have such high testosterone levels, they do not have to worry about getting big muscles like men.

Besides hormones, our eating habits also determine the results we get from training with weights. For women who want to tone the body and gain some mass would take on higher calorie foods, while those who want to get lean and shape the body without gaining on excess weight would focus more on lean proteins and low fat foods with their training sessions.

So, if you had been a cardio junkie, then it is time that you start strength training and attains advanced fitness. If you still need more convincing to take on strength training, then here are some solid reasons that prove that women need to build some daily flextime in their routines:

Strength Training and Benefits for Women:

Strength Training and BenefitsHere is a synopsis of all the health and fitness benefits women would get when they start training with proper strength training routines:

  • Women who are skinny and want to get a more defined body can definitely try out strength training routines. Such routines will help you build solid muscles at the same body weight and offer you better body shape.
  • Target your trouble spots, such as saddlebags, flabby tummy, or heavier thighs, by doing different styles of weight training and sweat off the stubborn fat deposits.
  • Lifting weights prevents osteoporosis, as when you start training with dumbbells from an early age, you will have more bone density and better strength.
  • Strength training also combat cellulites on thighs & glutes as it promotes blood circulation.
  • Unlike the cardio-based exercise, strength training also benefits by offering calorie burn for hours after you are done with the routines.
  • Through lifting weights, you will be enhancing your body’s balance. Weights will strengthen the legs and back muscles that will help your body build better stance.

So there you have it! If you want to get in proper shape strength training is going to benefit you. Get fit with a lean body shape, without the fear of bulking up like men!

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