Summer Running Ideas to Beat the Heat and Prevent a Meltdown!

Summer Running Ideas to Beat the Heat and Prevent a Meltdown!

Summer Running Ideas to Beat the Heat

Summer vacations mess up your fitness routines. With the hot summer sun blazing on our heads, it seems impossible to go out for a run. The brutal weather with high humidity and record temperatures suppresses the spirits of the runners who want to go out on real long runs like marathon.

Summer running can still be made possible and even fun for those who show a little motivation to grab on the running shoes and head out towards the tracks. Although we cannot promise that summer running will be a breeze, but here are some tips for you to run contentedly:


Lose the extra clothing and go light. Wear lighter color loose clothes, as they do not absorb the heat.

Get Up and Run:

Run first thing in the morning, as sun is not at its peak or go for a run when the sun is setting down. Avoid going out between 12:00 pm. to 4:00 pm. Plus running early in the morning will keep you active all day long.

Run With A Towel:

Sweat towels is a must accessory if you are planning to run in a hot or humid climate. A wet towel is great to keep your body temperature down when you are running.

Adjust Your Pace:

If the degrees are high then try to slow down your pace. The Humidity can make it worse, so try not to compete with yourself, as the performance in heat will not be the same.

Follow 6 Ounce 15 Minute Hydration Formula:

To keep your body well hydrated, it is recommended that you take at least 6 ounces of liquid every 15 minutes of running. Keep a few bottles with you to make it possible.

Plan a Route:

Planning a route for running is an important thing to plan before you head out of your home. Think trees and shades and try not to go directly under the sun.

Replenish Your Body After the Run:

Once you are done with your running, it is time to replenish the body of the lost minerals, electrolytes, and fluids. Take a supplement drink to normalize your nutrient and fluid intake. If you are not into supplements, then hydrate with water, use high potassium diet and add salt to foods especially if you are into long runs.

Bottom Line:

Summer running is not that different from running in any other weather if you plan your runs sensibly! Follow the above-mentioned tips and prepare well for summer running to you keep your fitness on track without feeling the pressure of the temperate.

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