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4 Reasons Why I Don’t Count Calories Anymore

Most of us understand that taking more food than what our body requires means that we are taking calories in excess. We will eventually look like a potato if we don’t stop taking calories in excess and  certainly we never want to look like a potato. No one ever does! Everyone wants to look good and feel good. That is why they keep on counting calories for weight loss. The counting calories phenomenon Most fitness trainers and dietitians require a person to calculate his/her calories, like real mathematics equations. Dietitians usually create meal plans based on the calorie intake of an individual. Has this method worked or not for most people? They suggest that you should not take calories Read more

Instant Ways to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Exercise and Diet
Health and fitness are two important ingredients that are required for a happy life. If you are not healthy, you will most probably be prone to infections and diseases. If you are not fit, you will not be able to do physical activities or play games. You should be fit if you want to go through your daily routine without feeling tired. You should be healthy so that you can enjoy life without frequent visits to the hospital. Why being healthy is so important? A person prone to diseases cannot enjoy life to the fullest. If you are unhealthy, you might not be able to eat certain foods, because they might infect you. You might not be able to go through a year without getting infected or may need Read more

Develop Healthy Eating and Keep Addictions Under Control

Eat Well
Binge eating does not mean that you have candy bars hidden under your pillow, or chips in your cupboards that you seldom munch on. It is compulsive eating, which will fill the emotional needs rather than true hunger. Many people are hooked to eating refined carbohydrates, primarily sugar and flour substances that are quickly metabolized and turned into sugar in the bloodstream causing the gain of excessive weight. Due to the uncontrollable food cravings, the quality of life is also deteriorating and people are getting more prone to chronic ailments. The problem is, recent research have indicated that the more unhealthy food you eat, the more you desire it. So if you do not start with Read more

Get Fit with Your Partner: Tips for Both of You!

Many couples have to fight the battle of the bulge. Even studies are unsupportive, as around two-thirds of Americans have overweight spouses due to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyles. These weight problems between partners produce feelings of distress, frustration and may give rise to commitment issues between the two. Helping your partner get in the best shape or maintaining a healthy life together does not have to be a struggle. You can have fun losing weight by motivating each other towards a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few simple things that you and your spouse can adopt to lose weight through support and care: Start By Changing Your Kitchen: If you have fatty foods stocked in Read more

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