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Spend the Weekend Guilt-Free and Adopt Healthy Eating

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Weekend is here and this means that it is time for partying and going crazy with friends – or is it? According to a number of studies, weekend eating is a wreck for your dietary routines and end in the access of calorie gain. Those who are maintaining a dietary routine on weekends are overindulged on the weekends. Usually people are more concerned of what they are eating on the daily basis, but as the weekend arrives, this habit breaks. People are found spending their Saturdays and Sundays, gorging on the unhealthy food items. The reason for falling off the bandwagon is that it is easier to maintain a healthy routine through Monday to Friday and keep on the schedule, but with the parties, Read more

Shakeology and Menstruation: Dealing with the Symptoms

There have been many questions regarding the impact of taking healthy meal replacements and their influence on the menstrual cycle. Since hormones are changing rapidly during that time of the month, will meal replacement shakes, such as Shakeology, offer right nutrition your body needs to function optimally? How Does Nutrition Deficiency Cause Menstrual Irregularities? First of all, you need to understand that both eating habits and physical exercise have their impacts on the body. These things affect on the hormones and body composition and alter the cycle – either shortening or lengthening it. Nutritional deficiencies mean that your body is unhealthy. If you are not taking the right Read more

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