Tips to Make the Workout Sweat Go Away

Tips to Make the Workout Sweat Go Away

Tips to Make the Workout Sweat Go Away

A good workout usually makes you to break a sweat, but often sweating for hours after the workout is an unpleasant experience and can be embarrassing especially if you work-out between your office hours. The sweaty palms, and unpleasant body odor is going to make your social interaction difficult.

Exercise raises your body temperature, which causes your body to perspire. Usually the evaporation of sweat cools your body down and you stop sweating after the workout. But many people do not quickly stop sweating.

To control sweating, you can take a shower after the workouts or wear antiperspirants to control the sweating. Taking a shower will lower your body temperature while deodorants will help to plug the pores. There are a number of ways to prevent heavy sweating after workouts and leave the sweat buckets at the gym. Following are some of the tips to make workout sweat go away:

Tips to Make the Workout Sweat Go AwayChilled Drink

According to a study, those who drank ice-chilled water during exercise perspired less as compared to those who drank lukewarm water. This is because there are neurons in your body that detect body temperature change and when you take icy water, your stomach tells your brain to sweat less.

Use the Fans To Your Benefit

Airflow on your skin will let your seat to evaporate and keep your body cool so that you do not sweat more. After you are done with your workouts, rehydrate your body while you stand in front of the fan or ac vent as evaporation will be easier when you are shirtless or wearing lighter gym clothes. Do not self-fan yourself as flapping your arms or moving your legs will produce more body heat and thus more sweat.

Take a Soak

As mentioned above, taking a shower after your workout will cool-off your body. A cold shower is much better to get you refreshed, however make sure that you do not take a cold shower right after workout as it will just stiffen your muscles.

Add Ice

Ice packs will prove as natural coolants for your body. A frozen towel or iced bottles are also useful to stop the dripping sweat. Apply the ice (not directly) on the back of your neck, underarms, things and your groin and all other sweaty places until the dripping stops as ice-packs will lower your core temperature from these areas.

 To Conclude

Have a breezy workout routine and a sweat-free time even after an intense workout by applying these sure-fire ways to stop excess perspiration after exercising.

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