TurboFire Review – High-Energy Fitness Training Workout

TurboFire Review – High-Energy Fitness Training Workout

Turbo Fire Review

High Intensity Interval Training has topped the fitness trend prediction for the year 2014. This training technique is nothing new to Beachbody customers who have been taking on Chalene Johnson’s TurboFire.

TurboFire workout utilizes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) throughout the routines, which will make you burn the fat 9 times more than any other steady state aerobic workout. The efficiency of HIIT technique has been proved by many scientific studies to help you lose the weight, get extra fit, and reshape the body vigorously.

People have been saying that TurboFire is a hard program with HIIT training intervals that are crazy difficult and let me tell you that everything you have heard about TurboFire is true. Here is a complete Turbo Fire review to help you get the knack of the program:

TurboFire Review: Challenge Your Muscles!

In one sentence, TurboFire is “Turbo Jam on speed”. It is a cardio program inclusive of same shadowboxing/kickboxing styles that are used by Chalene Johnson in the Turbo Jam program, except that it is WAY faster!

The schedule is designed so that you stimulate your muscles every day. You will be switching between the routines all through the program, which will help to burn the stubborn fat deposits. The Turbo Fire schedule is a busy one, where the only off/rest day is Wednesday… except for week 12 where you get Monday and Sunday off.

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The challenge is indeed intense and you will find it very demanding at the start. But eventually, your body will adapt to the routines and make it much easier to carry on. Here is a weekly Turbofire review of the schedule:

Turbofire Class schedule


Turbofire Class schedule


Turbofire Class schedule

TurboFire Review: Nutrition Makes the Program Effective:

As it is truly said “Abs are made in the kitchen”, TurboFire Meal plan – included with the kit – is going to make the program more effective.

The Turbo Fire Nutrition Guide adds fuel to the fire – meaning that it pumps up your body to follow the schedule with more intensity. Turbo Fire meal plan follows a simple nutrition guide divided on percentage law, every time you consume your meal. The portion percentage is divided into:

  • 1/4 portion of Lean meats: for advanced muscle growth and suppress untimely hunger pangs.
  • 1/4 portion of Good carbs: to help you get more energy and muscle mass building
  • 1/2 portion of Vegetables:  to help you provide energy, essential vitamins and minerals

Turbo Fire Review: The Package Cost

You can buy Turbo Fire workout from Beachbody’s online shop. The workout comes in two different packs: Basic and Challenge.

  • The Basic Turbo Fire Pack is available for the price of $79.
  • The Turbo Fire Challenge Pack costs at $160.

Both the packs come with same items: 12 classes on 5 DVD’s, quick start guide, Fire Starter Class, Fuel the Fire nutrition guide, and Turbofire class schedule. When you buy the Turbo Fire Challenge Pack you will get Shakeology, worth $130, for free. Plus, become a member at Beachbody Club with the challenge pack – 30-day trial period.

 Turbo Fire Review: The Results:

At the end of the workout, you will come out more toned. Take before and after measurements and you will feel the Turbo Fire results yourself.

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