Avoid “Off Days” & Jump Back!

Avoid “Off Days” & Jump Back!

Off days and setbacks. We’re all susceptible to them. Whether it’s a rainy day and all you feel like doing is snuggling with your blanket and a good book, or all of the sudden you look and OH NO – you ate the entire eight servings of pita chips because when you reach for more, the bag is empty?! Am I speaking from experience…YES!

So, no matter how your off day came to be, YOU move forward. This is a favorite quote of mine:

“When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back. Look forward to your next objective.” – George C. Marshall

Here’s a few of the most common triggers for slipping on your routine and how to get back on track! What’s your biggest stumbling block?

  • You’re too busy at work: Your career is definitely important but so is your health and happiness! Try getting your workout in before you even go to the office. You’ll adjust to the earlier mornings and I swear, you’ll have more energy to tackle every email and task throughout the rest of your day. Another tip for staying healthy in the busy office: get up often to refill your water bottle. You’ll stay hydrated and all those steps will add up!


  • Motivation is scarce: Awe, come on now! Don’t let a lack of motivation derail you from your goals of being your best self. You can power through and become that person you (and I) KNOW you can be. Give yourself a little pep talk. Remind yourself why exercise or a clean diet is important to you. Maybe you want your kids to look up to you. Maybe you want to love the pictures of you with your girlfriends even more than you already do. Whatever your reasons for getting healthy and fit, remind yourself of them. If your motivation is like a roller coaster ride, try adding rewards. Pay yourself a dollar every time you workout – by the end of the month, you can get a new piece of clothing to show off your toned figure! Another tip: Join a challenge group, I start one every month and it helps to know others are working out too!!


  • You’re getting sick: Flu season is upon us (cue horror movie music) so prepare yourself. Make sure you’re getting healthy fruits and veggies that give your body the nutrition and energy to fight off viruses and germs. Shakeology is a part of my routine and I know that it keeps me healthy! For the extra healthy oomph, I take this herbal immune boost. Also, if you think you’re just getting the common cold, have a runny nose or small cough, chances are exercise will actually HELP you recover. Obviously, check with your doctor if you’re unsure about it. If you’re exhausted, take a break and get back on track the next day. Listen to your body, but not the part of your brain that’s making excuses!

Shakeology comes in 3 flavors: Greenberry, Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry (not pictured). Not sure which flavor you'd like - ask for a sample!

  • Your friends are planning a huge night out: Meet up with them. Get your sweat session in and even make it shorter, but get it in. You can meet up with them, look fabulous with your post-workout after-glow and you’ll have energy that’ll take you through the night. Do NOT get those fat-loaded appetizers, they’re definitely not worth all the calories and you can’t even talk about all the fun stuff you want to if you are eating all that anyways!!  Another tip for cocktails: Bring some Crystal Light. Soda, vodka & Crystal Light is a delicious and light cocktail!

You can always have fun with your friends while you live a healthy life! Love!

How do you stay on track with your goals when little obstacles or temptations get in the way? Share your tips with us! And remember, YOU are worth achieving your goals so don’t get hung up on a setback!


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