Balance Your Diet to Promote Healthy Lifestyle!

Balance Your Diet to Promote Healthy Lifestyle!

Balance Your Diet to Promote Healthy Lifestyle!

Fed up of all that ‘eat this and not that’ statements? Balance your diet by following a simple and nutritious weight loss plan that will not confuse you while counting calories and balancing charts. An alkaline diet or pH diet is a type of eating plan that includes fresh fruit, vegetables, roots and tubers, nuts, and legumes.

According to the nutrition consultant at the Foods for Life clinic, “Acid-forming foods, such as meat, dairy, and sugar, can cause and aggravate inflammatory conditions in the body”, therefore a diet that is higher in alkalinity will offer you a healthier lifestyle.

It is all about maintaining a proper balance in your body and ward off the issues. Let us take a review:

Balance Your Body with the Right Food Choices:

The proper pH level can be achieved when you balance the foods by eating 60-80 per cent alkaline-forming and 20-40 per cent acid-forming items. Although you cannot tell the alkaline or acidic nature of any item by its taste, but taking vegetables, low-sugar fruits and herbal teas can help in promoting alkaline-forming residue in the body. Cold milk is also good for balancing the alkaline levels in your body.

Balancing Your Body for Weight Loss:

ShakeologyIf the acidic wastes are not broken down properly in the body, they are stored or solidified, to bad LDL cholesterol, for example. Fat cells drive up when the body stores up excess acidic residue, and therefore alkaline balance in the body links to weight loss.

According to a research by Medical Research Council, fatty foods like sugar and cheese makes your urine acidic, where as if you replace them with alkaline foods such as vegetables, you will tend to eat fewer calories.

Shakeology shake is a health shake that is made from whole-food sources. When blended with milk, Shakeology can help you maintain alkalinity in the body. Add a few alkaline foods such as almonds,  which contain calcium and magnesium, carrots and quinoa and blend it with Shakeology to get the best benefits.

You can also take raw vegetables that contain enzymes. These enzymes will be converted into materials the body can use for maintaining a proper balance in the body.


The PH diet suggests that you should take a glass of water at every hour, and make it a habit. In the end, make a minor swap in your diet and get a healthy balance in the body while promoting weight loss.

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