Best Fitness Workouts 2014: Looking Back into Beachbody Makeover 2013

Best Fitness Workouts 2014: Looking Back into Beachbody Makeover 2013

Christmas and New Year is over, Its time to take a fresh start with new dreams and fitness goals! people are getting ready with their New Year plans and start their “top of the list” health and fitness resolutions. Beachbody has been revamping to a fitter lifestyle and so, in the year 2014, the satisfied customers will definitely be looking into Beachbody’s DVD workouts before they set their preferences and fitness goals.

Beachbody fitness DVD programs are fun, effective, and challenging that can be easily done from your own home. If you want to whip yourself into New Year fitness regimes, here are Beachbody’s top workout reviews from 2013 so that you can kick-start a fitness regime that is bound to offer results!

Best of 2013 Beachbody Workouts for 2014 Fitness Resolutions

Starting With Warrior-Styled Workout:

Les Mills CombatOne of the most famous workouts, Les Mills Combat workout series have been a main attraction for people in 2013. This great workout includes various martial arts styled regimes mixed with punches, high kicks, strikes, and blocking techniques to twitch the calories and help to attain super cardio fitness.

In just 60 days, Les Mills Combat will help you carve a chiseled and lean body as you take on the mixed martial arts routines with the calorie-burn focused nutrition guide. You can take on Les Mills Combat fitness into the New Year and bring out the warrior within – while torching the calories like crazy.


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Reaching The Insane Level:

Insanity WorkoutKnown as the “hardest workout ever put on DVD”, Insanity workout has retained its prominent position in 2013 by helping the people get their desired fitness results. Whether your goals is to lose weight, sculpt the body muscles, or simply want to improve your athletic built, Shaun T’s Insanity has no match.

The 60 days of ab and core training, non-stop resistance training, strength and power intervals, and plyometric drills, Insanity workout will offer you an insane challenge in 2014 to achieve the best possible results.

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Booty-fy the 2014 New Year Fitness:

Brazil Butt LiftThe summers had always been about attaining the perfect beach body and Brazil Butt Lift successfully attained that. With Brazil Butt lift workout, people attained a total booty makeover while lifting, tightening, and reshaping the behind.

Leandro Carvalho trains to target the major groups of muscles in the buttocks, namely minimus, maximus, and medius that effectively work to get you the beach body you had been dreaming of.


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Make Fitness a Quickie:

Focus T25With the busy schedules and hectic routine 10-minute trainer and Focus T25 workouts attained a prominent position in 2013. By nullifying all the excuses to “not having enough time to exercise”, both these workouts helped people to get their desired results.

  • 10-minute trainer by Tony Horton uses Super Stacking method to engage your whole body for 10 minutes and help you control the unwanted weight gain.
  • Focus T25 workout by Shaun T vows to offer results of an hour long workout in just 25 minutes, while making you sweat the fat and build the muscle mass in the shortest time.

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And finally: Accelerated Fitness

P90X3 WorkoutThe X3 workout by Tony Horton has come out at the end of 2013 and is promising to kick-start your New Year with extreme workout that will only take half an hour of your busy schedules each day. The P90X3 phenomenon is nothing like the other P90X workout series and is said to be all about advanced muscle fitness based in the breakthrough Muscle Acceleration system.



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