Birthday Pranks & Lessons

Birthday Pranks & Lessons

If you didn’t catch the fun birthday posts on Facebook, I turned 40 last week! Go on, throw any jokes you have my way – I love a good laugh and guess what, that’s a big part in feeling young and staying healthy!

Running with Chalene Johnson

My best friend Chalene Johnson knows that I love a good laugh so they kicked off my 40th year of life with an awesome prank…I got amazing cards, flowers and gifts from so many special people, including President Obama, Tony Horton, Shawn White, Brian Regan and of course, Justin Beiber. All these gifts weren’t delivered in a quiet fashion either. Every hour, flowers were delivered and my dog proceeded to bark wildly each time. The dog who would bark at the sound of a pin dropping went crazy with the flowers. My kids couldn’t believe it either ;) I mean how cool did I seem when the Beibs sent me a birthday card?!? Ah, to be young…

Birthday Bash of Monica Gray

But, this post is more about how to gracefully age and how to do it in a healthy way. We all know that our bodies change as we get older and let me tell you, it’s important that we are prepared for it. Even if you’ve been over the hill for longer than I have, you can still do things now to help you age better and stay healthy. It really is never too late.

Here’s a few ways the body changes with age:

  • Your metabolism decreases
  • Your skin retains less elasticity
  • Your energy levels fall
  • You may have bigger mood swings (Sorry, Chuck)
  • Your hormones are changing
  • Your bone mass decreases and strength waivers
  • Your cardiovascular levels fall

Well, OK, that sounds extremely depressing….cue the doom and gloom music….
NOPE! Not you! Why? Because there are ways to take back control of each item above. And the answers aren’t confined to the walls of a plastic surgeon’s office; they are within your reach in your kitchen, at the gym, with your friends and the people you love.

Here’s how you will age with health and grace:

  •  First of all, you’re going to eat clean food. Clean, whole foods help you pack in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are vital to your overall health, your fitness goals and also more complex systems like your metabolism, your skin elasticity, your chemical balance, etc. It’s truly amazing to consider just how important a healthy diet is. It’s not always about low-fat but about high-nutrients. Think green, think fresh, think whole.
  •  Next, you’re going to get comfortable in uncomfortable workouts. Push yourself. Exercise is proven to help you not only maintain your bone density and body strength but actually undo damage caused by neglecting your muscles. Weight lifting, mixed in with moderate to vigorous cardio will help you get to a better lean body mass, lose inches, repair bone and muscle loss and increase your cardiovascular threshold. Also, as you age, you lose that flexibility that you had when you were younger. PiYo is a great combination of Yoga and Pilates to help you build strength and flexibility. Focusing on the three pillars of cardio, muscular strength and flexibility, you will be in great shape and able to keep up with any activity you want to do! Play with your kids, go for a romantic hike in the mountains, swim in the ocean…you’ll do it all and you’ll have more fun doing it because your body will be able to support it!
  • See the professionals. I can coach you in both diet and exercise for the first two points. While I could give you skin care recommendations and supplements too, but I’m telling you – see a dermatologist for I can coach you in both diet and exercise for the first two tips. I could give you product recommendations and supplements too, but I’m telling you – see a dermatologist for your skin regimen and see your doctor if your mood swings and hormone fluctuations need greater attention. But I will tell you this….WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!
  • Guard your heart. I’m actually not talking about your diet here (already covered that subject). I’m talking about the heart that makes you, you. I have a more public life than others. I am subject to criticism and that’s fine. Because I know who I am and I know who loves me, and why. I don’t let the little things get to me and affect who I become. I live with conviction and I know that I am supported by those who love me most. You need to do the same. Don’t let the little things or the haters stress you out. Not only will that suck the joy out of life, but frankly, it hurts your heart (the organ, too), it gives you wrinkles, sucks out your energy, feeds into mood swings, leads to stress eating….seriously, do I need to go on?

I am so blessed to have the family and friends that I have. They made my birthday remarkable (and hilarious) and I am so excited for the year to come. Whatever you do, live with conviction and never be afraid to grow older. Plus, if you start worrying about how your body changes, just re-read this post. You’ll be set. And as always, I’m here to help you do it!

Monica Gray Birthday Bash


Monica Gray

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