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Beachbody Best Challenge Pack Deals: November

This November, Beachbody is offering great discounts, not only on two challenge packs but offering 6 awesome challenge pack deals. These deals include latest programs as well as old ones. You know it is thanksgiving month and Beachbody is providing just another reason to be thankful for.

Beachbody November Deals

PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack

Chalene Johnson has combined all the best and most effective moves from Yoga and Pilates into one program that is known as PiYo Workout.

Get Chalene Johnsons’s latest and proven workout in just $140. That is not it; you get one month’s supply of your favourite Shakeology. Buy PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack and save up to $70 in November.

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PiYo Kickstart Challenge Pack with 3-Day Refresh

Get rid of all the bad habits of eating bad foods. Kickstart your PiYo workout with amazing 3-Day Refresh and get ready for some exceptional results. Before 30th November, you can buy PiYo Kickstart Challenge Pack with 3 Day Refresh in just $180. As compared to buying each item separately, you will save up to $95 in this amazing November sale.

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P90 and Shakeology Challenge Pack

P90 is the latest workout introduced by Beachbody and designed by our fitness guru Tony Horton. Tony Horton is of the view that you don’t have to go to the extreme to get drastic results; you just have to be punctual and committed to your fitness routine. P90 workout is designed for people of all age groups and fitness levels.

Get P90 and Shakeology Challenge Pack in just $140 with Beachbody November Deals.

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LES MILLS COMBAT and Shakeology Challenge Pack

The Les Mills Combat and Shakeology Challenge Pack is the ultimate mixed martial arts workout program that completely transforms your body in just 60 days, while fuelling your body with the nutrients you need.

In the month of November, you can get this amazing deal in just $140 that means you will save $50.

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LES MILLS PUMP and Shakeology Challenge Pack

Engineer your perfect body with Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack. This is a barbell-based, rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program that can give you the tight, toned, and lean body you’ve always wanted in as little as 3 workouts per week!

Buy Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack in just $180 and save $70 in the month of November.

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack

Increase energy, lose weight, and lower your cholesterol in 21 days. In just three weeks, the Ultimate Reset and Shakeology Challenge Pack will help you get rid of the toxins you’ve been taking in for decades, while fuelling your body with Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition®.

Order Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack for just $275 and save 60 bucks on this awesome deal.

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Get a hold of Beachbody November Deals and be thankful!

Modifying P90X Results for Women!

P90X Workout for Women

P90X focuses on a variety of training sessions that makes this workout one of the most intense and effective one out there. The workout do aim to give you a ripped look in just 90 days, but women can get incredible fitness results from P90X workout without getting icky body-builder looks.

Here is a detailed review of the program, so that you can decide if P90X workout is your preference.

P90X Intense Body Transformation Benefits Women:

p90x women workoutMost of the workouts aim to build big muscles and give you a ripped look, but usually women do not want these kinds of results. Plus they do not have the physical capability comparable to that of men. However, those who want to get lean and shed the fat must put their bodies to test and challenge them to replace the fat. Selecting a workout according to their needs therefore becomes harder for women.

With P90X workout, women can cater the fitness routines according to their stamina and still get toned muscles that will replace the extra flab. It is a solid strength-training program that utilizes weights to cut down the stubborn fat it involves deposits in the problem areas.

If you are planning to take on P90X workout and get life-changing results without looking like the hulk, then here are some guidelines which you should follow to develop lean body mass:

Using of Weights:

You will use weights in P90X workout to cut the fat but when women lift 20 to 30 lb of weights, they will end up looking like the body-builder. Therefore, using appropriate weights is essential. To test your physique, make sure that you start by lifting lighter ones and gradually start exerting your muscles to their limits by using higher numbers until you start to feel the burn.

Change the Workout Focus:

P90X workout includes a variety of moves to give you proper muscle confusion for results. By utilizing the routines according to your preferences, you can make the workouts easier. Take help from the resistance bands to support your P90X workouts. These bands will support your muscles when you are using dumbbells and use the bands for stretching purposes.

Moreover you can alternate between different routines by using P90X modifier. The modifier will help you make developments and advance your fitness to help you move up and do more reps.

In the End:

P90X for women can get complete body toning results wanted by everyone, without bulking up. Remember that it is a fat loss program, instead of a weight loss, so women can also get great abs and get into athletic shape without getting the excessive muscles.


Beachbody Challenge Pack October Discount: P90 & Ultimate Reset Sale

P90 and Ultimate Reset Sale

Team Beachbody is offering new and existing customers and new Coaches a discount on the P90 & Ultimate Reset Challenge Packs.

P90 Challenge Pack Discount:

Get dramatic, visible results without going to the extreme and save over $70 with the P90 Challenge Pack! Tony Horton’s all-new 90-Day Body Transformation for EVERYONE features workouts that are simple, doable, and made to change your body right away—regardless of your age or fitness level.

The introductory price of P90 Challenge Pack is $180, but for the month of October it is discounted to $160 only. Save $20 right away. You’ll also receive Shakeology – delicious shakes packed full of dense superfood nutrition to fuel your body right – along with all the online support and motivation you need to reach your goals!


Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack Discount:

Increase energy, lose weight, and lower your cholesterol in 21 days. In just three weeks, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Complete Kit will help your body get rid of the toxins you’ve been taking in for decades. This gentle, no-starvation cleanse helps restore your body to its optimal “factory settings” so you can feel, look, and be healthier than before.

You save $85 with this pack compared to buying each item separately. Normally its price is $305, but in October you can order Beachbody Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack in just $275.


3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack Review: Refresh Your Body with Balanced Nutrition

3-Day Refresh is a Balanced Nutrition Program

When it comes to eating habits, we all have our vices. Some of us cannot resist a healthy snack, while others just tend to lose themselves at gatherings. Whatever your weakness maybe, it is never too hard to break a bad eating habit. Take the 3 Day Refresh Challenge to get back on the fitness bandwagon and set everything right with your nutrition.

3 Day Refresh Review: What Does Refresh Mean?

3 Day Refresh is a straightforward three day plan that will help you break away from the sneaky bad eating habit that is causing you to overeat the unhealthy stuff. By keeping your nutrition in check, the 3 Day Refresh program is going to give you that extra push that will help you restart your routines for the better.

Before you dig into the system, here is a 3 Day Refresh Review on what the program is all about:

3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack Contents3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack Contents:

The nitty-gritty of 3 Day Refresh cleansing system is to conquer your cravings and help you get a flatter belly, feel lighter and more energized.

The 3 day Refresh will consist of shakes, a fiber drink and water for 3 days, which will be followed with fresh fruits, veggies and healthy fats to fuel your body and increase metabolic rates.

When you buy the kit, it will come with 3 packets of Shakeology, 6 packets of Vanilla Fresh, 3 packets of Fiber Sweep and 1 Program Guide that will have the instructions of doing the 3 day refresh.

You can choose Shakeology in any of your favorite flavor (30 day pouch with 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack). It is recommended to try the vegan formulas (Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry) that have plant-based proteins, which are easier for the body to digest. The Vanilla Fresh shake is a high protein shake that is dairy and soy free, and Fiber sweep is a healthy digestive drink that tastes just like fruity milk.

3 Day Refresh Program Review:

3 Day Refresh results are achieved when you follow the plan properly. Just for three days, you will be focusing on mending your 5 meals daily which will result in weight loss and start of healthier habits. Here is how the 3-Day Refresh Challenge will work for you:

  • 3 Day Refresh Program ReviewBreakfast: Shakeology + fruit
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Fiber sweep
  • Lunch: Vanilla protein shake + fruit + veggie + any healthy fats
  • Afternoon Snack: Veggie + healthy snack (check out the recipes)
  • Dinner: Vanilla protein shake + one of the provided veggie-based dinner recipes

Beachbody 3 day refresh challenge pack reviews and results3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack Review:

Although the 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack is just 3 days long, but you will be getting your first 30 day supply of Shakeology which will encourage you to continue with healthy habits. Plus the 30-day trial membership in the Team Beachbody Club, will give you an insight on the other fitness programs and full coach support to get you back on the fitness bandwagon!

There you have it.

With all-natural formula system try the 3 day Refresh Challenge Pack and  jump back into taking your nutritional needs more seriously while keeping most common eating afflictions under control!

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21 Day Fix Extreme Update: New Workouts by Autumn!


Coming in 2015, 21 Day Fix extreme is the new workout by Autumn Calabrese who adds the concept of extreme fitness with simple nutrition to get you extreme results in just 21 days.

21 Day Fix Extreme Updates:

21-day-fix-extremeAutumn Calabrese states that it takes guts, intensity and try to achieve best fitness results. She has added faster approach to portion control and fitness in the upcoming 21 Day Fix Extreme workout.
The workouts are going to be harder than there were in original 21 Day fix, but will still be 30 minutes long for 21 days. So it is the best way to advance your fitness in shortest amount of time.
There will be 7 different workouts so that you body will keep guessing:

  1. Upper Fix Extreme
  2. Pilates Fix Extreme
  3. Lower Fix Extreme
  4. Yoga Fix Extreme
  5. Cardio Fix Extreme
  6. Plyo Fix Extreme
  7. Dirty30 Extreme

All of these seven workouts will move your body in a way that you get six packs, sinewy arms, ripped shoulders, and toned legs results.
Plus the portion control is still maintained to help you blast the extra fat and give you that final push to achieve the hard body you always wanted.
You will also get a modifier option for the workouts and Autumn will always be there to guide you through the routines.
21 Day Fix Extreme is best for those who are graduates of 21 Day Fix, pro-athletes or who have taken up high intensity workouts before as well.
The workout is coming soon to get you out of the pesky pounds. If you are ready to join Autumn in 21 Day Fix Extreme, then stay tuned!

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Insanity Max 30 – Shaun T Invites Maxed Out Fitness

You had been digging deeper with Insanity Workout, but now it is time to max out your physical ability, performance, and strength with the latest Insanity Max 30!
Brought by the creator Shaun T, Insanity Max 30 is just going to make you sweat twice the amount in just half the time. Insanity Max 30 updates state that the routine is going to be 5 days a week for 60 days and is really going to kick your butt!

Here are Insanity Max30 Updates:

Shaun T is really going to get you ripped and toned with the inclusion of hardest routines. The Insanity Max30 workout schedule will include 150 new cardio and strength moves that will be broken down into 30 days phases so that you can move from harder to hardest intensity.
According to the infomercials, the routines have both speed and agility and you will be jumping higher, kicking and punching harder than you had ever before in any other workout.

Insanity Max 30 Modifier:

Shaun T insanity-max-30Unlike its successor Insanity workout, Insanity Max30 comes with a low-intensity modifier at every stage. So you can either follow the hardest workout with Shaun T or just the modifier. Modifier will help you grow stronger so that you can compete with Shaun T!


Ultimate Reset Review: The Complete Inner Vitalization System!

Ultimate Reset is a Complete Inner Vitalization System

Almost all of us have been taking medicines and ingesting chemically laden eatables since our childhood, which results in greater health problems as we age. Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse takes a plunge to mend your health and wash away the toxins that has made you feel sluggish, tired, and bloated!
In this Ultimate Reset Review, we are going to introduce you to the ultimate reset cleansing system, the weekly plan which will help to detoxify your body to attain maximum health potential and shed some light on how this cleanse is different from other cleansers.

Ultimate Reset Review: How Does it Work?

Ultimate Reset IngredientsUltimate cleanse is a comprehensive plan that is going to give you an inner-body tune up by offering a meal plan, fortified with supplements that will “Reset” the body from the harmful substances and “Restore” your system to maximum health through clean eating.
The plan is just 21 days long that is divided into three phases (3 weeks) to give you the boost your body needs to regain its natural strength while supporting long-term wellness.
It is nothing like the starvation diets, but an organized meal plan that is followed by supplements to eliminate the harmful bacteria while facilitating the inner body cleaning process.

Ultimate Reset Cleanse Review: What Does It Offer?

Ultimate Reset Cleanse ReviewBeachbody Ultimate Reset kit offers you a complete kit that will include:

  • Six uniquely formulated supplements to offer you optimal health
  • Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide
  • Two DVDs, to inspire you through success stories and to help you through the meal plan
  • Online content including daily cleanse tips, recipes, and shopping lists

If you buy Ultimate Reset Home Direct, then you will also get Ultimate Reset Maintenance Kit, sent to you after 30 days, that aims to keep a healthy pH balance in the body.

Ultimate Reset Review: How to Perform the Cleanse?

ultimate reset cleanseThe secret to Ultimate Cleanse meal plan is that it is designed to offer you health and fitness while keeping your body away from the harms. There will be no cheat meals, but for 21 days you will follow only healthy eating that will last a long time.
In three weeks of Ultimate Cleanse, here is how your meal plan will look:
Week One: The first week you reclaim your body. You will be consuming meat, whole grains, eggs, Greek yogurt, many veggies, lots of fruit, and nuts to gain nutrition.
Week Two: Second stop is “detox”. You will consume veggies, fruits, and again some nuts for added fiber intake and also begin taking the Detox supplement.
Week Three: Revitalize your body by going fully vegan. You will be eating plenty of fruits and veggies with some grains to bring back the healthy bacteria back into the body.

Ultimate Reset Review: Ultimate Reset vs. 3 Day Refresh!

Ultimate Reset and 3 Day Refresh ComparisonLet us compare Ultimate Reset with another Beachbody new health rejuvenation product 3 Day Refresh. While Ultimate Reset Cleanse is a healthy way of eating for 21 days, as include different supplements are added up in your diet to detox your system properly, 3 Day Refresh is a quick reset plan of 3 short days. It uses effective shakes that are high in protein and nutrition, digestive drinks and a wide array of fresh fruits and veggies combined with healthy fats.
Ultimate Reset vs. 3 Day Refresh proves that Ultimate Reset is going to mend your eating habits in 21 days, and as opposed to just focusing on weight loss like 3 day cleanse, you focus on cleaning your body from the inside and fuel the body system without starving it of the essential nutrients.

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Reducing Inflammation through Good Diet

Reduce Inflammation with the help of Good Diet

In some cases, inflammation is an extremely good thing if you are suffering from injuries or an illness. The high white blood cell concentrations due to inflammation can help you fight infections. Sometimes inflammation can get a little out of hand and affect you in negative ways. So what should you to reduce inflammation?

What is Inflammation in short?

Chronic InflammationInflammation is one of the ways through which the human body heals. It occurs when you are going through a very rough workout, sustained a gruesome injury or when you have contracted a disease. You should be happy that inflammation is actually a very vital healing process. Cytokines, which are cell signaling proteins, with specific fatty acids let white blood cells, antibodies and enzymes reach the wound by opening the blood vessels. They then help the body get rid of any infection, debris and bacteria.

Inflammation can occur due to a variety of reasons, and is not just limited to injuries, cuts and blows. It can also occur if there is something wrong with your body at any place. There are a number of bacteria and viruses that can cause massive amounts of inflammation. If any part of your body isn’t working right, expect inflammation.

Reducing Inflammation

avoiding inflammation through dietIf inflammation persists, it can become quite a serious problem, as it hurts. Your body can only heal properly if it is getting the right nutrients for the job. Inflammation will persist if the body cannot find enough nutrients for the healing process. Other times, the inflammation persists because you might not be giving your injury the proper time to rest.

For fast recovery, you will require food that contains nutrients that help healing, hence reducing inflammation. So a diet that provides you all the essential nutrients is a must. Nutrients are the fuel for all the processes of the body. Even if you inflammation is due to problems just as stress, a good diet might help you balance your hormonal levels.

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