Breaking the Bad Habits and Promoting Health in Children

Breaking the Bad Habits and Promoting Health in Children

A number of bad habits in your kids may drive you crazy, but most of them will vanish as they age. However, the one bad habit that you cannot ignore in your kids is their habit of eating unhealthy, junk food. You simply cannot ignore it, as the eating habits not only affect health and fitness at an earlier age, but can be carried into adulthood as well.

Children who are overweight in their adolescents have 70 percent chances that they will end up being obese in their adulthood.

The sooner you deal with your kid’s bad food habits, the sooner you will get him to start eating better for his health and fitness. You need to take small, sneaky steps to start making the change. Here are some of the eating traps to avoid and promote healthy eating habits at every age.

Stop the Untimely Nibbling

You need to make sure that your kids are not stuffed by the time its mealtime. Even if you are giving your kids healthy snacking items such as a glass of milk, fruits, cup of yogurt, etc., your kid will end up feeling full when he sits down for proper lunch or dinners.

Snacking TimetableTo break the habit or replace it with a healthier alternative, you can take on these options:

Set a Snacking Timetable:

Untimely eating can ruin the appetite for kids. Set a schedule that will not clash with the meal timings and follow that.

Make snacks fillingMake snacks filling:

If your kids are prone to skipping meals, you can make snacks that are not just healthy, but also filling. Add snacks enriched with proteins and essential fats so that you do not have to work about how much they eat all day long. But make sure that they do not skip the meals frequently as their body may go into deprivation mode.

Avoid the junkAvoid the junk during snacking:

Even if you are giving your kids the snacks, make sure that it is nothing junk. Refrain kids from taking on the habit of eating junk foods.

Control the Sugar Overdose:

Kids just love the candies, the chocolates, the ice cream and almost everything sweet, that is usually unhealthy. It is often because kids are born with a preference for sweet stuff. But this habit can affect the health in the longer run. Here is how you can put a stop on this habit:

Limit the intakeLimit the intake:

You need to set the limits for the intake of sugary items for your kids. Especially when its holiday season – Halloween and Christmas – the kids tend to overindulge in the sweets. To limit the habit, establish some basic rules on eating the sweets.

Check the sugar content:

Look at the type of sweets your kids are eating. Breakfast cereals, fruit snacks and even low-fat ice cream is a better option than the candies and chocolates.

Stop the Veggie Refusal:

Kids have the bad habit of not eating their vegetables. Vegetables are full of nourishment and should be a major part of your kid’s diet. Here is how you can make your children eat the goodies:

Yummy to the VeggiesAdd Yummy to the Veggies

A little bit of healthy fat will make the veggies appetizing for the kids. Just add light margarine or sprinkle reduced-fat cheddar cheese to keep health with taste.

Make it special:

Try to introduce new ways through which you present veggies to your kids. Make green shakes; stir fried veggie snacks or veggie fillets for the burgers that your kids feel happy to eat.

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