Breast Cancer Prevention with 5 Health Foods Found at Home!

Breast Cancer Prevention with 5 Health Foods Found at Home!

One of the most common cancers that prevail in our society is Breast Cancer. Although more and more women are surviving, but as you get older, the risk of developing breast cancer increases and there is no sure way of protecting yourself from it. Nevertheless, to move the odds in your favor there are many Breast Cancer prevention techniques to adopt and one of them is “getting a healthy diet”.

Breast Cancer Prevention

According to a recent research, “women can cut her chance of cancer by as much as two-thirds with good nutrition and weight management”.

Therefore, having a healthy diet depends on the smart food choices you make. Instead of weight management, opting for healthy dietary habits play more significant role in increasing the chances of breast cancer prevention.

Here is a list of cancer-fighting compounds that you easily keep at home and utilize in your daily meals to prevent the causes of breast cancer:


There is a compound found in Broccoli known as sulforaphane that has been found to reduce the number of breast cancer stem cells. To get the most of this compound, eat raw broccoli or briefly stem the vegetable to get the health benefits.



Beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts are all high protein legumes that are rich antioxidants and saponins. Soybeans and other soy products have isoflavone genistein, which may help prevent breast cancer. Start eating soybeans before you hit puberty to attain greater health benefits.

Fish Oil and FatsFish Oil and Fats:

Fish-oil supplement is said to be a greater preventer of breast cancer. According to a study, if you are taking fish oil for 10 years, you can shrink the risks of a common type of breast cancer. The omega-3 fats in the fish oil is said to contribute in lowering inflammation that causes the development of cancerous cells.

Herbs and SpicesHerbs and Spices:

Herbs and spices have been proven to offer a number of health benefits and you will be surprised to know that they are also effective in fighting cancer. Add the powerful spices, such as turmeric, as your anticancer diet.

Herbs, such as parsley and celery, contain an amazing compound, apigenin, which actually inhibits the cancer-cell growth. If you want to boost your resistance against cancerous tumors, start by adding these in your dishes, daily.


In a 2011 study at Breast Cancer Research, it was indicated that 12-ounces of coffee per day can lower the risk of developing aggressive form of breast cancer. This is because the antioxidants that are found in the coffee can protect cells from damage that leads to cancer development.

What’s More:

Good Foods and Healthy Habits Assist Breast Cancer Prevention:

It is true that you can seek breast cancer prevention with the help of cancer-fighting foods that are listed above, but you also need to build some healthy habits that will reduce the risk of developing cancer and its recurrence. Adjust your dietary routines with compounds that offer the best health benefits to attain a happy, and a healthy life!

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