Butt Exercises to Target Each Gluteus Muscle!

Butt Exercises to Target Each Gluteus Muscle!

Butt Exercises to Target Each Gluteus Muscle!

Sitting all day isn’t doing your butt any favors. You need to get around for avoiding that fat around the bum, or better yet, start exercising to get a firm booty.

When it comes to butt exercises, women need something that will make their rear lifted and curvy. Sadly, it is usually the most stubborn area of the body and needs to be pushed hard to get in shape. Since the rear part of your body comprises of muscle group, “gluteus”, you need to start with workouts that will work on the development of gluteus. Let me detail you about the three regions of the gluteus muscles:

gluteus-maximus-medius-minimusGluteus Maximus:

They are the largest of the butt muscles, and help you to stand up by straightening your hips and thighs.

Gluteus Medius:

Covered mostly by the maximus muscle group, Medius is the second largest muscle that is the primary stabilizer of the hip. If this muscle is weak you will feel low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain.

Gluteus Minimus:

The smallest and deepest muscles in gluteus area, these muscles work together with medius muscles to abduct the thigh when the limb is extended. It also serves are one of the primary internal rotator of the hip joint.

Experts suggest that one way to counteract the sagging around the rear is to focus on these three booty-blasting exercises: Lunges, squats and dead lifts. These three basic fitness routines are used in combination and with weights to enhance fitness results.

Keeping the muscles in the gluteus in perspective, here are the top exercises that will target the stubborn fat deposits and keep your booty uptight and in shape:

Butt Workouts for Gluteus Maximus:

If you want to work the maximus muscles in your hip, you need to work on the extension of the thigh. Some of the best exercises for shaping the Gluteus Maximus muscles are:

  • squats for maximus gluteusSquats
  • Step Ups
  • Climbing Stairs
  • Front, Side and Reverse Lunges
  • Single Leg Dead-lifts
  • Kettle-bell Swings

Butt Workouts for Gluteus Medius:

Exercises that focus on adduction and lateral rotation of the thigh will target gluteus muscles. Strengthen the medius muscles by following these fitness routines:

  • side planks for medius gluteus Side Planks
  • Clams
  • Sprints
  • Single Leg Squats
  • Single Leg Dead-lifts
  • Lateral Walk with Resistance Bands

Butt Workouts for Gluteus Minimus:

Butt shaping workouts for minimus muscles will be same as the gluteus medius. It will be hard to target the minimus muscles specially, but these exercises will heavily involve these muscles:

  • inverted flyers exercise for minimus gluteusInverted Flyers
  • Seated Hip Abduction
  • Side Lying Hip Abduction
  • Curtsey Lunges


Building and shaping your derriere will become more effective if you take on the above mentioned butt exercises that focus on your gluteus muscles and target them from angels that will help to strengthen them while cutting the fat deposits. Select the programs you prefer to shape the gluteus muscles into the butt you desire!

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