Bye-Bye Holiday Gains – Hello Healthy New Year!

Bye-Bye Holiday Gains – Hello Healthy New Year!

Winters, holidays, food and weight gain are all interlinked. At one hand, people start making their fitness resolutions at this time of year, while on the other they over-indulge in the rich holiday treats.

According to New England Journal of Medicine, the actual weight on average over the 4-week long holidays is only one pound. The problem is that, instead of losing this weight, vast majority of people continue the pattern of weight gain all through the year and the gains become massive as you approach the next year celebrations.

Why not get through the holidays without gaining weight – or better yet, lose the fat without sacrificing the season’s festivities. To avoid the holiday bulge, we have suggested some tips, advices, and suggestions that will help you make your fitness more effective not just now, but in the years to come as well.

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Shop wisely during the season:

It is the holiday season and the markets are flushed with sale and discount deals. It is the time to make some wise decisions while you shop. When buying your holiday outfit, you cannot think about showing off your body in this chilly weather, but you can always get a beautiful dress that shows off your curvy figure. Get your outfit before the festivities begins so that you are sure to fit in the dress comfortably when you actually have to wear it. Never go for a higher size.

Get Online for Buying Healthier Holiday Items:

Beachbody offers great holiday gift ideas that will make everyone feel not only happier, but also healthier. With Beachbody, you do not just cut the extra holiday fat, but you shed off the pounds, build muscles, and get a leaner body than before

Just log in the official Team Beachbody website, choose from fitness products, and gear and start working out with the experts to get in the best shape and prevent those extra pounds from creeping on.

ShakeologyNever Go With an Empty Tummy:

Another way to keep the weight off and avoid over-indulging at the parties is to stop the cravings. Take a fruit, eat a bowl of salad, or just drink a glass of Shakeology to control the starvation.

Since the holiday parties are laden with food items that do not care for your waist, it is better to avoid the damage by taking on a portion of healthier meal option.

Even If You Have Slipped – Do Some Damage Control:

Easier said than done, controlling yourself, and promoting fitness even during the holidays is a tough job. Quite possibly you may fall off the fitness bandwagon, but do not beat yourself up over the holiday indulgences.

If you have gained the extra “1 pound” this season, work hard with some of the best Beachbody workouts (get hold of the new P90X3 to quick results) and plan to lose much more than you have gained.

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