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Creative Ways to Remember Your Fitness Goals!

What is the goal of an overweight person who wants to reduce weight? It is to reduce weight as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are certain fitness goals that a person must set in order to reduce weight quickly. Even though the goals are well defined, the problem is that most people forget about them. Never stop chasing your goals When you forget about your fitness goals, you just stop perusing them. That means that you forget about what you wanted to do, what you should do for your own benefit. People usually lose interest in what they are doing after a certain period of time. They sometimes lose inspiration, or are simply too tired of chasing something that they are not getting Read more

Living a Healthy Life: Reasons Why Healthy People are Pleasant!

Healthy People are Pleasant
It is a known fact that if you are healthy, you will be happier. Healthy people feel good about themselves and therefore they have a positive stance towards life. This is why; healthier and happier people will be a pleasant company and exhibit positive emotions as they are contented with themselves inside and out. In contrast, over-weight and unfit people have been reported to show negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, and anger. According to a data gathered by the U.S. Census, self-described "healthy" people are 20 percent happier than average, while "unhealthy" people are 8.25 percent less happy. There are a number of reasons why healthy people are more optimistic than those Read more

Tony Horton’s Latest P90 Workout for Everyone!

p90 tony horton
If you are a Tony Horton fan then you must have heard about the Power 90 Extreme (P90X) series. This fall, Tony is coming up with a 90 day transformation for everyone with P90 – no number, no x’s or anything! This is a simple plan for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level! Coming in the fall of 2014, P90 workout program was announced at the Beachbody Coach summit 2014 in Las Vegas which was said to feature the following plan: Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide 4-step Power Plan 6-Day Shred  “How to Hit it” Tutorial 90 Day workout Calendar 1  Pro-grade resistance band Plus a Network bonus The workout will be a complete body transformation for everyone that can Read more

Alcohol and Fitness: All that Booze Can Hurt Your Performance!

Alcohol affects Fitness
Whether you are a pro athlete or a casual trainer, you should understand that alcohol is detrimental to any kind of fitness activity. You should know about the relationship between alcohol and fitness so that you can protect your hard-earned physique. If you are not having a balanced approach to alcohol consumption, it is going to wreak havoc on your fitness results. Alcohol influences workout performance by affecting the body in many ways. Here is how boozing will influence your exercise results. Effects of Alcohol on Fitness Results: Alcohol can make dehydration more likely to happen. Since alcohol is a diuretic, (it creates more urine), when you are working out sweating combined with Read more

Reviewing PiYo Workout: Adding Flexibility and Lean Muscle Build

piyo move
Have you heard about PiYo yet? Chalene Johnson is bringing a great flexibility workout that is both fun and challenging. By combining Pilates (Pi) and Yoga (Yo) with a series of continuous, targeted moves will help you build the muscles and give you some mind blowing results in just 5 weeks. Reviewing PiYo Workout: PiYo workout routines have been long known to add strength to the muscles and flexibility to the body. With the blend of Chalene’s new techniques PiYo results in burning calories, tone muscles, work on balance, and get you a great stretch! The workouts are going to be different each time, but will always offer you a great workout! PiYo Workout Significance: Although many Read more

Get Your Summer Ready Body with Flat Abs!

P90X vs Chalean Extreme
A perfect beach body is not as difficult to attain if you are committed to get the results. A quick fix never lasts. You need to follow lean muscle-building exercises and easy, realistic healthy eating plan to upgrade your health this summer. Here are some conventional health and fitness tips that can get you the abs you want for the summer season and the lean body shape for the beaches: Flatten The Abdominal Area: Having the summer ready body with flat abs is everyone’s dream. The sad truth is that our culture has harmed the core muscles and often people suffer from dysfunctional abdomen due to the extended period of sitting down in front of computer and TV, which leaves our muscles Read more

Showcase Challenge Pack: Exclusive Beachbody Coach Saving Offer

Showcase Challenge Pack - Copy
As a fast growing business, Beachbody is massively expanding across borders. For all new coaches, Beachbody brings an amazing Showcase Challenge Pack offer. Now new coaches can sign up on a best value challenge pack and make huge savings ($115 savings). With the Showcase Challenge Pack, new and old Coaches will receive: Three 30-minutes or less fitness programs: 21 Day Fix, Focus T25 and P90X3 Shakeology, available in your favorite flavor(s), delivered on Home Direct 30-Day FREE trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club Business Starter Kit (including a Coach Welcome Book, 1st month's business service fee, customizable websites and storefront) Popular Coach tools including Read more

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