Chalean Extreme Burn Phases – 3 Steps to Melt the Fat Away with ChaLEAN Extreme!

Chalean Extreme Burn Phases – 3 Steps to Melt the Fat Away with ChaLEAN Extreme!

The key to getting the best fitness results is to push yourself beyond the limits. It does not mean that you should lift 10 times heavier weights than normal. Just blend cardio with a little weight lifting to maximize my fat burning and muscle toning results! Chalean Extreme workout utilizes resistance-training technique that combines both of these things, while offering maximum fat burn.

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ChaLean Extreme Schedule is an intense 90-day workout routine. “Lean Phasing” is the secret behind Chalean Extreme results that is designed to shift the weight loss focus from cardiovascular to resistance training. Users have been losing up to 60% of their total body percentage in just the first month by following this workout technique.

Here we will detail the three-step system, regulated by the Chalene Johnson in her Extreme workout calendar:

Burn Phase:

The first month is called “Burn Phase”. It incorporates weight lifting to make you stronger and lose weight more quickly. Chalene encourages you to lift the weights so that you can reach maximum muscle fatigue by your 10-12th workout reps.

Burn Phase

There are three “Burn phase” routines, and you do each one once a week, on non-consecutive days. Each set of rep is mixed with an additional “extreme set” that is followed by a ten-second rest. Then you will be repeating the exercise you just completed three or more times.

In the end, you will burn more fat while lifting less.

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Push Phase:

In this second month, you will lifting a little more, going a little higher, to push the muscles even harder. The routine is similar to the month one routine, except that you will lift weights that are heavier enough for you. Bring it on with weights until you reach extreme point on the 8-10th rep.

Push Phase

All through the routine Chalene pushes you forward with her motivational notes. She throws in the “extreme sets” after every couple of rep to make you feel that ultimate fat burn!

Lean Phase:

Go heavy or go home!

As by the name of it, Lean Phase is all about making your body lean and define the muscles. You will continue using heavier weights that will make you reach the muscle failure peak by the end of 10-12 reps.

Lean Phase

The “extreme sets” will be used after every move and you will end up begging for mercy but coming out with the best results.

Lean phase also adds the “fat burner” workouts on every fourth day. The fat burner routine is inclusive of a few minutes of high intensity cardiovascular training, followed by 1-2 minutes of muscle endurance work.

To End:

Chalene Jonhson is indeed a workout hero.

She uses the Lean Phasing concepts behind these phases is to burn the fat, boost the metabolic rates and make you look leaner. Bust of your fear of lifting weights as ChaLean will help you lift-weight to get the best fitness results.

Escalate your health with the three-phased ChaLean Extreme schedule to get visible results in just 90 days!

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