Chalean Extreme Workout with P90X Results

Chalean Extreme Workout with P90X Results

Muscles burn fat! Two of the most famous workouts by Beachbody P90X and Chalean Extreme intend to give you results fast and help you get in shape. With both these programs, you will be training your body not just to lift heavier weights but also to train your mind to act like a pro builder.

Tony Hortan and Chalean Extreme

Tony Hortan and Chalean Extreme

Both programs are 90 days in length, offer nutrition guides, and with proper understanding of the workouts, you can get life changing result. Here is how you can enter the Chalean Extreme workout and get extreme results of P90X .

 Chalean Extreme Workout Review:

Chalean ExtremeStructured by Chalene Johnson, the program is designed to offer you you complete body transformation. The whole philosophy that makes the program so incredible is “Lean Phasing”.

Chalean Extreme has been called P90X for Girls, because the workout targets intense routine that is focused majorly on the female problematic areas (hips and legs). Once you get on the program, Chalean Extreme results will speak for themselves.

This workout technique emphasizes on three phases of building muscle to rev up the metabolism and burn fat. Therefore, Chalean Extreme offers is a fitness charmer for those people who are looking for weight loss, getting leaner body, and advanced muscle toning results.

Here is what you will be focusing on when you get on with the program.

  • Get enhanced resistance training

  • Boost the metabolic process

  • Improve lean muscle development

  • Enhance cardio conditioning

  • Cut down of total body fat

  • Cut Down Thighs and Hips

To augment the results, you can always use heavy equipments to boost your fitness levels. With just the help of low, med, and heavy set of dumbbells, increase the intensity levels to feel the difference. You will observe speeded muscle build up and excess fat burn with the workout by the end of 90 days.

Plus, the resistance training technique used in the workout will allow you to burn calories during your resting time as well.

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Understanding Chalean Extreme and P90X – The Results:

Chalean extreme is shorter in length around 35-45 minutes in total. The cardio workout is about 42 minutes and there is an Ab workout (about 10 or 15 minutes) to do afterwards. Whereas the P90X workout is longer, about 49-55 minutes in length, with Yoga x being the longest at 90 minutes.

Chalean extreme reviews are great, as a number of females have lost up to 60% of their body fat, while burning an extra 500 calories a day, in just 3 months.

You can never say with guarantee that which one is better than the other as both of them work, and are proven to give extreme results. You cannot go wrong with either workout!

Get the Chalean Extreme Challenge Pack for $180 and supplement your workouts to progress your health and fitness completely.

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