Greenberry Shakeology is Now Customer Approved – New & Improved Formula!

Greenberry Shakeology is Now Customer Approved – New & Improved Formula!

Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology Are you tired of alternating your Shakeology order with Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate flavor? Try New Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology to feel great inside and look spectacular outside! This new Shakeology will make you feel

  • More energized
  • Healthier
  • Vitalized and
  • Strong

What changes been made to old Greenberry Shakeology?

Health and nutrition experts of Shakeology have made stepwise changes to Old Greenberry Shakeology. Here it is:

Step 1: They added super foods (Lou Han Guo, Moringa, and Himalayan Salt) to Old Greenberry Shakeology.

Step 2: They added “Pea protein” in it.

Step 3: They have improved the amount of greens in it because it has to be a Greenberry Shakeology.

Step 4: They modified its ingredients in this manner:

  • calories reduced from 140 to 130,
  • carbs dropped from 19g to 13g,
  • protein is increased from16g to 17g,
  • fiber is increased from 3g to 4g, and
  • sugar is dropped from 11g to 6g

The New Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology is now healthier, Try Greenberry Shakeologyfruity, nutritious, and sweet.

Try it today!

Free your taste buds of Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate Shakeology.


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