Your Favorite Diet Foods Can Make You Gain Weight!

Your Favorite Diet Foods Can Make You Gain Weight!

Diet Foods

There are a number of diet routines, which the people have been taking on. You will be shocked to know that the misinformation about these diets is actually causing you to gain the weight. Many things that you thought were true about dieting are actually stopping you from reaching your ideal weight.

Here is a list of 5 Diet Food Myths you should know before you jump to any of the so-called “meal plans for weight loss”:

Cutting Calories Actually Makes You Lose Weight:

Cutting CaloriesAlthough it is true that cutting 3500 calories from your meals equals about 1 pound of fat loss from the body, however, it can still be bad for your waistline.

People who are taking on the severely restricting diets ultimately hit the weight loss plateau and thus fail to burn the unwanted fat, despite their daily calorie cut. This body mechanism then takes in the extra calories from the foods and drinks you take in. Moreover, by following such routines, you start losing muscle mass and get a stalled weight loss.

Diet Sodas are Actually Diet Friendly:

Diet SodasThink again, when you hear these words!
Less sugar and calories, sure, but different researches have shown that even drinking diet sodas for a long time will result in gaining of the weight.

Although diet soda does not use the sugars but they use artificial sweeteners, which actually stimulate the taste receptors to act up in the body to increase appetite and anticipate the body to accumulate body fat.
The result: you actually gain weight!

Eating On The Right Time Will Help You Lose Weight:

Eating On Right TimeMany dieters suggest that eating after 8:00 at night is bad for your health. However, what they fail to tell you is that it is not the time but what you eat and how much you eat that relates to the weight gain.

You fail to take care of how much you are consuming and apparently overeat due to the long day’s fatigue. Whenever you eat, try not to exceed the recommended calorie intake and make sure that you have burned the excess before you go to bed.

Yogurt Diets are Healthy:

Yougart DietsToo much of anything is bad and yogurt is among it.

People replace their meals with yogurt to lose the weight but they forget that the choice of yogurt they select may be loaded with calories, sugar, preservatives, and sugary fruits.

Even the plain yogurt has 16 grams of sugar per cup. So think about the additional grams of sugar you will be taking in from the flavored yogurts.

Taking Smoothies Instead of Milk and Fruit:

SmoothiesPeople are often blending stuff to fulfill their appetite, but smoothies are often the greatest killers of weight loss process. Smoothies approx at around 350 calories per mug and with the inclusion of sugar and fat, it becomes nothing else than an unhealthy diet.

Even milkshakes gather up to 300 calories and around 30 grams of sugar or more, which all adds up to weight gain!

The Final Verdict:

It is always advised that you do not tend to the diets and routines. Instead, try to focus on healthy living styles and ways through which you can get in the best shape of life. I can help to adjust your focus for a healthy living. Contact me if you want to change for better.

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