Do You Want to Get Fitter or Fatter? – P90X3 Coming Soon!

Do You Want to Get Fitter or Fatter? – P90X3 Coming Soon!

Monica Gray in Fitness Competitions

Before babies, I did fitness competitions!

Did you know that being healthy and fit is a choice that only you can make? After having my triplets, I made the decision that I wasn’t going to spend my life overweight. I DECIDED to do everything I could to be the healthiest version of myself — not just for me, but for my family. That’s one of the best decisions I ever made!

I Have Something to Share With You:

Now, I have something to share that could be a life changer for you or someone you know. I want YOU to make the decision to be your healthiest self! Lucky for you an awesome program has come along that will help you do just that: P90X3!!

Monica Gray Pregnant

Gimme a break I had 3 children in my womb!!!

Everyone knows P90X… those infomercials are ALWAYS on! I mean, come on, Bruno Mars even sang about it in “The Lazy Song.” But really, the reason why people know about P90X isn’t because it’s always on TV or because there’s a song about it… it’s because P90X works!!

What is P90X3?

Since we saw such amazing results with P90X and P90X2, Beachbody chose to take it a step further and create P90X3.

P90X3 is everything that the original P90X and P90X2 had to offer and is packed into an extreme workout by adding more velocity and intensity! The moves are inspired from Mixed-Martial Arts, but add weights to toughen the muscles and make you scream – literally!

EVERYONE has 30 minutes!! Can you dedicate 30mins to something that will change your life?

Do You Have Guts?

It’s a program I highly recommend for anyone that has completed P90X, Turbo Fire, or Insanity. But don’t forget, you don’t have to be a fitness buff to do this. You can always modify! Don’t let the fact that this program is hardcore scare you away! Everyone has to start somewhere, and why not go all out and do something that is guaranteed to work! All you need is a little guts and some accountability! You bring the guts, I’ll be your accountability!!

Monica recommends doing P90X3

I work out!

Time to Decide: Fitter or Fatter?

So, it’s time to make your decision… Do you want to get fitter or fatter? Seriously people, isn’t it about time you looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “Dang I look good”? And don’t try to feed me excuses like you don’t have time. I have triplets, but Chuck and I still make time for our workouts so we can be here healthy and have more time with each other and our babies.

So here’s the deal… let your hard work speak results with the launch of P90X sequel. Orders for P90X3 starts in December 2013! Coaches get first dibs, so you can only get ahold of this program through a Coach. Stay tuned with me [Facebook, Message Me] to get latest updates on the availability of the program and order P90X3 as soon as this next-step fitness rave hits the Beachbody online stores.

I made my decision, now you make yours! It’s time to strut your stuff like, “I work out!”.


Monica Gray

Hello! My name is Monica Gray. I’m blessed to be the mother of nine year old triplets: Blake, Charlise (goes by Charlie), and Jackson. I have been happily married for 16 years to my husband Chuck, and we have a blast…most of the time :)

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