4 Reasons Why I Don’t Count Calories Anymore

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Count Calories Anymore

Not Counting Calories Anymore

Most of us understand that taking more food than what our body requires means that we are taking calories in excess. We will eventually look like a potato if we don’t stop taking calories in excess and  certainly we never want to look like a potato. No one ever does! Everyone wants to look good and feel good. That is why they keep on counting calories for weight loss.

The counting calories phenomenon

Most fitness trainers and dietitians require a person to calculate his/her calories, like real mathematics equations. Dietitians usually create meal plans based on the calorie intake of an individual. Has this method worked or not for most people?

They suggest that you should not take calories above a specific amount, as any amount below that is burned off. This by far seemed the easiest way to reduce weight fast. But is it as effective as is should be? The answer comes in both yes and no. If you eat less, you will not gain weight and your body will start to burn fat to get energy. This is a very slow process and it may take your months to reduce any significant amount of weight.

counting calories phenomenonHere are the top 4 reasons why I think counting calories is not as effective as some people suggest it is:

Calorie production varies and is not constant

The calorie is basically a scientific unit to measure energy. I am not going to give you a lecture on it, but it is a measuring unit just like the meter or kilogram.

calorie counting to lose weight

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are substances that are required by our body to produce energy and carry out bodily functions. These substances do not produce the same amount of calories. Different foods produce different amount of calories.

This can be tricky as some people just include high-carbohydrate foods, completely forgetting about proteins. In truth, a high protein diet is required by the body the most.

You cannot be accurate while measuring calories ever

Your metabolic rates changes each day, based on your condition. Factors like sleep, health, stress and activity all affect your metabolism. As you do not have control over these factors, there is no way that you can be sure that your calculation is dead accurate.

You cannot measure how much energy you burn either due to this fact. The worst part is that people aren’t good at measuring calories either.

Food labels cannot be trusted

Most food companies place nutritional information based on estimates. They estimate how many nutrients do the individual food components contain. This means that following food labels religiously will not get you anywhere. Most food labels are off by 20%.

Eating too many calories is not the only reason for obesity

The main reason is that most people are not eating the right foods. We have no idea what we eat and what substances our food may contain. We can suffer from hormonal imbalance due to this. This is also the reason for low energy levels and high blood sugar in most people.

So just stop counting calories and start avoiding bad foods. Stop taking sugars and unnatural foods. Try your best to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods.

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