Getting Active during Pregnancy – Tips on Exercising Safely

Getting Active during Pregnancy – Tips on Exercising Safely

The old myths like “women should not try exercising while they are pregnant”, or “shortness of breath means that you need to rest instead of exercising”, are no more! Today, the mothers to be are more aware of their bodies and they are trying to remain healthy for themselves as well as for their babies.

Exercise Routines During Pregnancy

If you are among the ones who want to sit back and relax during the three trimesters, you might want to look into these benefits of taking on exercising and how it will impact on your health all through pregnancy to the labor and delivery time. Here are some tips to start with your fitness now and stay motivated till the end time.

Why Do Pregnant Women need to be Active?

Beginner level to moderate level exercising is essential for women if they want to:

  • Keep their minds fresh
  • Ward off the aches and pains (specially in the third trimester)
  • Prepare the body for the physical demands of the labor
  • Prevent the excess of weight gain
  • Increase stamina, reduces stress and helps you to sleep better.

Moreover, there are often medical conditions during pregnancy that can be treated with exercising. Your doctor may recommend that you exercise if you have Cervical problems, Vaginal bleeding, HBP during your pregnancy, or have the risk of preterm labor. All of these things will depend on your medical history.

Why Is It Necessary To Change Exercise Routines During Pregnancy?

Exercise Routines During PregnancyPregnant women, who had been exercising high-intensity workouts before, need to change their routines as per their body responses. A few changes that you might note while workout include:

  • Difference in breathing rates
  • Higher heart beats
  • More sweating, at low body temperature
  • Losing of body balance at times
  • Sprains in joints if following intense workouts

What is the Best Pace for Workouts during Pregnancy?

A number of health experts believe that you should be taking on at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise during your pregnancy. This calculates to 30 minutes every day. You can also start by splitting your workout sessions for just 10 minutes, divided on 3 different times each day.

Moreover, walking is a suitable exercise to start with. Other easier workout routines will include low-impact aerobics, yoga sessions, and even strength training workouts – as long as you do not over exert your body with heavy weights.

Remember, you need to make sure that you take out for warm up and cool down sessions. Healthy meals, nutritional supplements shakes, and plentiful liquid intake will help you to ease your body while you get on a fit and healthy body.

As the body sees drastic changes when you get pregnant, it is time that you take on the right exercise routines to augment healthy and help your body take the best of health before the baby arrives.

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