Fast Food Health and Nutrition – Know The Real Dangers!

Fast Food Health and Nutrition – Know The Real Dangers!

Almost half of the nation is slave to the untimely food hankerings that leads to the intake of unhealthy, junk food items. In actual, it is just the chemistry of the brain to seek comfort, attentiveness, or pleasure in some sort from the food. The intake of health damaging food is prevailing among the children as well.

Check out this image taken from “fat food nutrition” website, on the taking fast foods:

Fast Food Facts

The problem is that we are living a fast-paced life, where we are crunched for time to take care of our habits that effect out lifestyles. With no nutritional value, fast food is simply a bad diet option. Moreover, it is hard to say no to. Often the one bite of such foods will end up in finishing of the whole thing – a bag of chips, a bowl of ice cream.

Here are some facts about junk food consumption and how it impacts on your body negatively. Check them out, so that next time when you are eating your extra-cheese burger, cream sauce pasta, or a pizza, you think of how it can be destructive for your life.

Affects On the Energy Levels:

Usually people believe that heavy foods will offer more energy to the body as they take time to burn off. However, with zero nutritional value, such foods actually make you feel chronically fatigued with a lack of energy to perform the tasks efficiently.

The reason for this is that junk food puts your metabolism under stress. The excess of sugar in your body (with extra sweet intake) will spike up the insulin levels, stops the unexpected increase of blood sugar levels, and creates a hurdle in the production of energy.

Similarly, the lack of protein and good carbs from your diet will drop the sugar levels, leaving your body grumpy, and craving for more sugar.

Increase of Obesity:

Junk food addiction and the increase in obesity are directly related and majority of the Americans are suffering from this problem. As the junk food accumulates large amounts of the fat in the body, you gain more weight.

Moreover, with the storing of fat in your body, you are at the risk of getting serious illnesses such as diabetes, high BP, arthritis, and hypertension– or worse heart attack.

Other Serious Damages Caused by Fast Food Addictions:

Critical Problems to heart and Liver:

Too much intake of junk food can be risky for your life in the longer run. Usually such unhealthy food items are loaded with high levels of fat and sodium that result in the increase of blood cholesterol levels and the buildup of arterial plaque that may lead to heart attack.

Also the increase of trans fatty acids from the foods and its deposits may result in liver dysfunction and disease.

Risk of Diabetes:

By varying levels of sugar in the body, excess of junk food intake have the power to lead to type 2 diabetes.

The refined sugar, or simple carbohydrates, and the lack of protein put your metabolic rates under stress. Overtime, this will damage the body’s ability to properly produce insulin and thus increases the risk.

To End:

Even in short term, eating junk food will make your body weaker, which will lead to physical and psychological problems, impacting your life adversely. If you want to maintain a healthier living, it is time that you start thinking before you stuff the food in your mouth!

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