Get Fit with Your Partner: Tips for Both of You!

Get Fit with Your Partner: Tips for Both of You!

Get Fit with Your Partner

Many couples have to fight the battle of the bulge. Even studies are unsupportive, as around two-thirds of Americans have overweight spouses due to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyles. These weight problems between partners produce feelings of distress, frustration and may give rise to commitment issues between the two.

Helping your partner get in the best shape or maintaining a healthy life together does not have to be a struggle. You can have fun losing weight by motivating each other towards a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few simple things that you and your spouse can adopt to lose weight through support and care:

Start By Changing Your Kitchen:

Healthy FoodIf you have fatty foods stocked in your fridge or your cabinets, you or your spouse can never take on a healthy lifestyle. Get rid of the temptations and fill the space with healthy snack/meal options such as fresh fruits, nuts, or veggie salads. Stock some low-cal desserts that will help you keep a calorie check even when you are craving.

Take a Walk Together:

Walking is the best way a couple can keep fit together. Get away from the busy routines by taking a walk in park while burning the extra calories. Plus, taking a stroll is great for your heart, and your relationship.Take a Walk Together

Eat at Home More:

Eating at home can be healthy and you can control your meal portions. Make sure that you eat a bowl of salad before you start your dinner. Dinners you take at the restaurants are laden with more calories and usually the restaurant ambiances sway you to eat more.

Do Focus on Yourself:

When you both are working hard to keep off the weight, make sure that you not just motivate each other, but also make sure that you are not packing on pounds yourself. Keep a journal and note down your daily activities including your fitness routine and your food intake.

Do Remain Intimate:Do Remain Intimate

Intimacy will help you both ease out from the routines. It is an affirmation act to boost self-esteem. If you stay away from your partner just because you are afraid you look ugly naked or you do not like your spouse’s fat belly, it will sabotage confidence and the will to get fit.

Find “Non-Food” Ways To Celebrate Small Goals:

The best way to motivate each other is to celebrate small goals. Set weekly or bi-monthly goals and go out for a movie or enjoy a recreation event just to celebrate the successes.

Be a role model:

Finally, if you are not overweight, but your better half is, criticizing them all the time will not help. Instead, inspire them, encourage them, and share tips with them that will help them adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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