Go after any goal and SUCCEED!

Go after any goal and SUCCEED!

Well, it’s officially fall. Starbucks has rolled out their infamous and coveted Pumpkin Spice Latte and cute fall fashions are in every magazine.

The change of seasons is the perfect time to reassess goals and reset motivation! There are plenty of ways to keep or kick-start your health and fitness goals.


The first thing to do is to reassess or create goals. BFF Chalene talks about it best in her book PUSH, SMART goals are best. You’ll succeed in your goals when they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. Having a goal of “don’t gain weight during the holidays” or “lose pregnancy weight” aren’t setting you up for success because they’re too vague.

When you make your health and fitness goals, lay out each one in terms of the SMART parameters. It will help you stay on track and sets you up to not only achieve the goal you made, but strives you to the next one on your list!

Goals mean nothing without a plan. Here’s a personal example: Chuck and I dreamed of him quitting his corporate job to work from home, running our Beachbody business. He was so good at his regular job and we will always have great things to say about his past employer, but as the Dorothy says, “There’s no place like home.” So true! So, we were extremely detailed and focused on this goal. We outlined how much money we would need to bring in through Beachbody to compensate for his corporate salary. With a year of incredible, admirable hard work, Chuck and I succeeded at this goal. There were plenty of smaller goals and steps we took along the way, but with each little progress, we followed our plan and achieved this HUGE goal of running our own business at home! You can do it too!

How many of you have read Chalene’s book and have put into place SMART goals? How are you doing on your journey?

Have fun!

You all know by now, I like to have fun. Moving and being active should be fun. Eating healthy should be fun! Life should FUN! That’s just one reason that I love TurboKick. The routines are fresh and they are so much fun. Most of the people who take my class have a huge smile on their face while they’re burning serious calories.

No matter what workout you decide is most fun for you, be sure you find it. You’ll look forward to working out and you’ll be setting new personal bests like you wouldn’t believe.

Looking for way to eat healthier while still having fun? That one will be a bit harder since so many of us find going out with friends and family fun. It is fun, but the restaurants that can be our favorites can seriously derail us from our goals. Challenge you and your beau to find a new healthy restaurant each week or try a new healthy spin on your favorite cocktail. You could also find a Facebook group about healthy lifestyles or find a Beachbody Coach to do a challenge with (I can help you!!).

How do you keep your healthy lifestyle fun? Share with us and the rest of our readers!


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