Healthy Habits to Cut Calories for Better Weight Loss

Healthy Habits to Cut Calories for Better Weight Loss

Losing weight takes work. One common objective is to cut down the calories according to the requirements of the body, and physical exercises and dietary habits both affect the weight loss process. It is said, “Cut 100 Calories a Day – Lose 10 Pounds a Year”.

Although the consumption of calories is different for everyone, but 2,000 calories is a rough average of what people eat in a day. A number of factors (Height, weight, gender, age, and activity levels) affect your caloric needs. According to the Scientists at Harvard and Louisiana State University, people who lowered their calorie intake lost an average of 13 pounds in six months no matter what kind of diet they were taking.

Cut Calories

The secret is not to go a diet, but just to eat a little less or burn more to adjust the calorie ratio in your body.

Losing Weight by Cutting the Calorie Count:

The key to weight loss is burning more calories than you consume. For most people it may be hard to lose calories by exercising than they could through dieting or eating thoughtfully. However, by doing both – cutting extra from foods and working out – you can give yourself an edge.

Here are some useful tips to cut down your calories and weight loss habits, which you can adopt for maximum impact on health and fitness.

Foods that Make You Feel Full:

One of the best options to start cutting the calories from foods is by taking on such diets that have low energy density. More liquids and fiber contents are such options
that will make you feel fuller and help you eat fewer calories without you even realizing it.

Healthy Habits

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Really Work:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to cut the calories and switch your body towards weight loss. Canned fruits and juices have twice as many calories as fresh or unsweetened frozen fruits. Similarly, vegetable juices have a higher count of sodium and calories, than raw vegetables.

Moreover, when picking up fresh fruits and vegetables, swap a few higher calorie items with fruits and vegetables that have less calorie counts.

Avoid Sitting for Long Hours:

You can cut your calories by moving around. On average, a person burns 100 calories per hour sitting and 140 per hour standing. Just by standing or getting up on your feel for two hours a day, you can drop off 6 pounds over a year.

Double Your Protein Diet:

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition stated that high-protein foods keep you from losing muscle along with fat. In the study, women who pumped up the protein lost 2 more pounds of fat while maintaining a pound more of calorie-burning muscle than the other subjects.


These simple things can work great in cutting down your daily calorie count and help you reduce your weight. It is not just about starving yourself, but with the help of making small changes in increments, you can build on weight loss process, each week, until the end.

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