How to Use Chalean Extreme – An Expert Fitness Guide

How to Use Chalean Extreme – An Expert Fitness Guide

Burning fat and gaining muscles are not two separate things. With the help of right workout, you can get both. Build muscles and simultaneously burn massive amount of fat stored in your body. Chalean Extreme workout by Beachbody uses cardio and resistance training in a brand-new way to get you better fitness results.

Chalean Extreme Workout

Chalean Extreme Fitness Results Overview:

By using the resistance movements with the help of bands and weights, the workout will initiate the weight loss process, augmenting metabolic process and increasing lean muscle development. Based on the technique of “Lean Phasing”, Chalean Extreme is an aggressive program, which promotes total body transformation while offering the following benefits:

  • Enhanced resistance,
  • Cardiovascular endurance,
  • Metabolism ramp up,
  • Reduction in body fat,
  • Building of lean muscles tissue and strength development

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Moreover, you will be working out with three phases in the program that will push you forward so that you reach the next level with better physique. Here is a ChaLean extreme review on how to start with the workout plan:

Get Help From the Weights:

Chalean extremes pack does not contain weights. To use them for your workouts, choose a pair according to your personal preferences. Lighter weights can be the best option for women and beginners.

Learn From the Tutorial:

There is a 22-minute short video at the start of the workout that covers the details on you can perform each workout with proper stance. Chalene Johnson will teach you all the proper moves with the help of weights and resistance bands and help you get ready to take challenge.

Chalean Extreme GuideUsing the Chalean Extreme Guide Books:

The workout program comes with two types of guidebooks:

  • “Fat Burning Food Guide” – a diet book,
  • “Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook” – a training book,

The Chalean Extreme Nutritional Guide is a dietary plan that shows you what to eat in each phase to maximize fat burning. The nutritional plan is based on the caloric intake of 1200 to 1500 for women and 1400 to 1700 for men. Divided into three phases, you can incorporate each meal plan with the three workouts phases, (Burn, Push and Lean). The Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook will help you track your progress. It comes with workout calendars to show you which workout to do each day and how much weight to lift. Just write down the weights and make notes on how much reps you can take without failure. Advance the results in future routines.

A Final Word of Caution:

The workout technique is simple but it is important that you do not hurt your muscles by over exaggerating the routines. You muscles might take time to develop the strength to take on the workout intensity. Therefore, it is better that you make sure what your limitations are before you take on the routines. Start Chalean Extreme and improve your strength as you develop your muscles through the workouts! Buy Chalean Extreme


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