Insanity Asylum Review: Extreme Fitness Workout for Athletes

Insanity Asylum Review: Extreme Fitness Workout for Athletes

Since a past few years, pro-athlete fitness routines have taken the world by storm with functional, sports specific and HIIT training techniques as the latest fitness phenomena! Beachbody utilizes these athletic Training Styles in a number of workouts to give you advanced results.

Insanity Asylum Workout stands as one of the top workouts to offer you cross-training methods used by elite athletes. Shaun T introduces this next level workout from Insanity for those who are ready to dip deeper and who look ahead to attain the athletic stance and a winner’s body.

Insanity The Asylum

Here Is Asylum Workout Review For You!

The first thing to note in Insanity Asylum workout review is that this program is just 30-Day long, which is going to challenge your body beyond imagination.

So, as compared to P90X (90 days) and Insanity (60 days), you will be getting dramatic results and maximize sports performance in just 30 days with Asylum. However, the results of all these workouts vary from each other.

The other prominent thing in Insanity Asylum workout is that it us a varied mixture of cardiovascular routines and intense strength training. The program is insanely vigorous and aims to give you lean muscle, ripped abs and 5% body fat.

Shaun T preps you to train on all levels of fitness with heart pumping training techniques that will utilize entire body muscles by using bodyweight, resistance bands, agility ladders, and jump ropes.

With the use of sport specific techniques, Insanity Asylum Workout schedule is designed in a way that you will be executing exercises in a repeated-interval manner much higher than any other standard cardiovascular exercise routine. The total focus of Insanity Asylum Results will be to build strength, improve balance, agility, speed, power, and coordination – something every athlete strives to attain.

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Asylum includes seven instructional DVDs, an Agility Ladder and Speed Rope to improve form and sharpen focus, the Asylum Calendar to track progress, Shaun T’s Eat to Win Nutrition Guide, and ongoing online support from Beachbody coach.

For best results, take Asylum Workout after you have completed your 60-day training with Insanity workout.

What Makes Insanity Asylum Different?

Insanity AsylumPeople who have taken P90X, Insanity, and Chalean Extreme workouts usually ask for the difference of Insanity Asylum workout technique and results. Among the most unique things, Asylum workout has the meticulous structure and has the new element of Hybrid calendars. The three workout calendars (30-day each) are: 1. Asylum, 2. Asylum/Insanity, 3. Asylum/P90X.

These calendars help you to continue the routines for month two and three so that you can avoid the boring repetition of same routines and avoid the unwanted fitness plateaus.

Things to Look Out For:

Insanity Asylum is an intense workout and might not be for your body type. Understand how your body responds to specific demands you place on it. Most people may not be able to get through the workout completely on the very first outing. So do not lose hope and celebrate small victories along the way!

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