Jeans that show off your assets

Jeans that show off your assets

It’s that time of year! The weather is cooling off which means it’s time to shop for JEANS! Who loves shopping for jeans? I dunno. They’re only fun when they’re comfortable in my mind. And they’re only acceptable when they’re clean of bling and stitching. My personal opinion, of course, but I say, Show off what ya got – you’ve got enough sparkle ;)

If you’re like most women, you’re not a huge fan of sifting through sizes and cuts at the store while the unforgiving florescent lights are beaming down on you. And if you’ve lost weight and some inches, you still have to work just to find the right fit for you! Don’t fret. I happen to know a thing or two about what jeans can help you show off your hard work and be confident in your body.

  • If you’re blessed with the gift of height, accentuate it! Pick a structured, trouser-style cut to show off your long legs. You can pair them with flats or heels – whichever you feel like, the leggy effect will show! Straight (not too skinny) jeans work too and will be easier to tuck into cute boots.
  • Are you a woman with really skinny legs? You can wear almost any style, but don’t make it too fitted – you want something that gives you a fuller, more stream-lined look. Faded denim will also add some curves!
  • If you have an hourglass shape, you want to create a balanced look. Boot-cut styles are great because they’re not too fitted yet, they’re not baggy.  They even out your natural curves.
  • Apple-shaped? Skinny jeans or boot-cuts are perfect for you! Skinnies will emphasize your slender bottom-half while boot-cuts will again, create a nice, balanced look. I would probably get both styles – no matter what shoes or boots you choose, you’re set!
  • More of a pear-shaped woman? Add a slight flare on the bottom. We’re talking bell-bottoms from the 70s (although, you could bring those back for Halloween if you’d like).
  • If you have a short waist, look for a slight flare. *See note about Halloween above! A slight flare, especially in a dark wash, creates a long line (making you look tall and sleek).
  • Now, what if you’re the opposite and you have shorter legs? Well, get the opposite kind of jeans. Go for skinny jeans. A flared trouser will just swallow you up! Wear your skinny jeans with boots or flats, but go for heels too! You’ll be looking h-o-t! My favorite jeans are Hudson with signature pockets (image below). The metallic and leather-looking ones are all the rage now too (check out Guess by Marciano).

Hudson Women's Baby Boot Jeans

  • If you’re plus size, you want to create clean lines with a straight fit throughout the leg. Darker denim is also more slimming, than say a light wash. Try adding a little room in your jeans too – it will be more comfortable and will go a long way.

Jean shopping is never a favorite thing to do, but if you invest more time in finding the right pair for you (and you buy a few pairs that fit you wonderfully), you’ll have so much confidence every time you wear them! Also, be open to the idea of tailoring. Again, it doesn’t make the cut for a great experience, but a good hem can make a HUGE difference.

And for the guys (gosh, your life is so much simpler), here’s a few tips:

  • Belts are cool. If you need one, use one. Save the preview of your boxers or briefs for someone special.
  • You don’t need to look like you rock in a band, but get jeans that have a straight cut. The relaxed cut that could double as a sack of potatoes…well, I’m not going to venture down there! But a straight cut is clean and shows that you’re working hard (or you’re genetically blessed) and it’s paying off! Skinny ones are good too – just not super tight unless you’re in your teens!

For everyone, have you found you go-to jeans? If so, what’s the brand? Let’s all help each other out by making jeans shopping that much more enjoyable this year!


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