Keep a Track on Your Health & End the Year with Success!

Keep a Track on Your Health & End the Year with Success!

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The holidays are literally around the corner! Have you started listening to Christmas music or thinking of gifts for your friends and family? I’m gonna ask you to take a little break from your gift-giving lists and ask you instead to plan how to stay healthy and stick to your routine during the busiest time of the year. Yeah, I know – you think I’m crazy. But I’m just setting you up for success! Don’t undo your hard work or give up on your goals. You want to be healthy and the next two months should be NO DIFFERENT.

Schedule your workouts and squeeze them in

Just as you’re doing, keep scheduling your workouts. Make it just as important as an appointment and MORE important than that errand you need to run. If you’re seriously strapped for time, get two workouts in. You heard me. Can’t find a full hour? I bet you can find 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night. Look at your day – you might just find that you have a lot of little bits of time; each bit adds up!

Find healthy substitutes for your favorite dish

With sites like Pinterest and even some recipes and tips from Beachbody blogs, you can find a way to make any dish a bit healthier. As you’re planning your big meals like Thanksgiving dinner (and leftover lunches) look at your recipes and figure out how you can make them healthier without sacrificing much taste. And remember, add more veggies to the table. Whether you serve fresh cut veggies as a snack for game night or the football game, or you steam green beans and broccoli, make veggies a part of every meal and you’re bound to put them on your plate.

Get out and play

The holidays are the time to spend extra time with your family and friends. Get an active morning or afternoon together. If you have snow, go snowboarding! Even if you’re new to the sport, getting back up after you fall is a great burn! And don’t be afraid of falling – could ya walk as soon as you were born?! Get your girlfriends together for your own Turkey Trot around the neighborhood. And who said football is just for guys. Get out and play with your kids in the yard! Oh, and ice skating! There’s so many fun ways to make memories and all those activities will add up – in a good way!

And don’t forget, you can always get in touch with me to join a monthly challenge or for some extra help in reaching your goals. This holiday season, stay healthy so you can move into 2013 full speed ahead!


Monica Gray

Hello! My name is Monica Gray. I’m blessed to be the mother of nine year old triplets: Blake, Charlise (goes by Charlie), and Jackson. I have been happily married for 16 years to my husband Chuck, and we have a blast…most of the time :)

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