Les Mills Combat for Women – Measuring the Effectiveness

Les Mills Combat for Women – Measuring the Effectiveness

You do not have to go to the gyms to get a carved body with the treadmills and the heavy weight lifting. The in-home warrior workout Les Mills Combat is here to put a stop on the use of heavy machinery for attaining fitness.

Beachbody’s Less Mills Combat revolutionizes the home workout programs by training you with the help of martial-arts based combating styles. This program is different that any workout you have ever seen. “Unleash your inner warrior” as you start with Dan and Rachel, the expert trainers, who target the pinnacles of combating fitness to achieve rapid weight loss and sculpt the body.

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Like with any other workout, people have a number of concerns when it comes to weight loss and getting fitness with Les Mills Combat results.

Mostly women are concerned if the workout is intense for their capabilities and if it will cater to their specific fitness results without bulking the body. To understand these things, here is a complete Les Mills Combat for women review for you:

What is the Combat Program?

A combination of six martial arts disciplines, Les Mills Combats triggers lean muscle development and max fat burn, thus revealing your strong, chiseled inner warrior!

During this time, you will use fiercely energetic martial arts techniques combined with empowering cardio workout routines, to trigger lean muscle development and to give you a totally ripped physique. Make your way through the Les Mills Combat workout with karate, striking, punching, and kicking, to end with superior cardio fitness.

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Les Mills Combat for Women Review: Bulking Up


The results of Les Mills Combat for women can vary from that of men, as the use of equipments is just optional. Since the routines do not come with weights or barbells, and the only gear is the weighted gloves, you will be training on your own body strength, without the fear of bulking up excessively. Therefore, women can expect a lean, chiseled look, and not a bodybuilder’s physique.

Les Mills Combat for Women Review: Calorie Burn

Les Mills Combat for Women results in the scorching calories at a higher rate. As you take on the explosive aerobic moves that are followed with high-intensity, your body will replace the fat deposits with lean muscle tissue and get the defined look.

Les Mills Combat for Women Results in Getting Leaner:

Another benefit of Les Mills Combat for women is that it aims to tone and shape the key muscle groups that target the body-fat deposits.

Now you can improve your posture, core strength, and stability, with dynamic Mixed Martial Arts styled sequences and combinations. Even the upbeat music will help you maximize the fat burn through the highs and lows of the workout to give you absolute results!

Final Word – Is Les Mills Combat Safe for Women?

Of course it is! Even one of the workout creators is a female who will teach you proper techniques to perform the workouts efficiently and get better results.

Stay up with the fight, for just 60 days, if you aim to attain a warrior’s physique. Order Les Mills Combat this fall and attain your fitness goals right before Christmas!

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