Les Mills Combat Review: Can Beginners Get Extreme Results?

Les Mills Combat Review: Can Beginners Get Extreme Results?

Les Mills Combat ReviewsOne of the most recent body transformation programs by Beachbody is Les Mills Combat. Based on the concept of HIIT, this program aims to torch up to 1000 calories in just one workout. Imagine how much will you burn with the 60 day combating.

Les Mills Combat is also an intense workout that will pop your muscles and will use the whole body strength to do the workouts. However, Les Mills Combat is less intense than P90X and Insanity workouts. Both P90X and Insanity Program comes with a fit test to determine if you are ready to do the programs, where as Les Mills Combat has no such thing.

You can know if the les Mills Combat is for you or not through this review below:

Who Can do the Les Mills Combat?

Les Mills Combat is suitable for all ages. However, older people must assure that they are not suffering from any major mobility issues, bone weaknesses, back issues, or knee problems. If you suffer from medical conditions, then it is recommended that you fully recover before you take on the workout.Get Combat

What Fitness Techniques Does Les Mills Combat Use?

This is the first ever Beachbody workout that incorporates six mixed martial arts moves (Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Capoeira and Jiu Jitsu). By using “Fast Twitch Integration Training” you will be focusing on your twitch muscles that has maximum space for growth and development.

To learn the techniques, it is important that people can go through the Basics DVD that is included in Each Les Mills Combat workout Kit. You can Buy Les Mills Combat to get the Basics DVD and get the instructions on how to perform each martial art program.

Buy Les Mills Combat

Can A Beginner Start Les Mills Combat?

Yes. The Les Mills Combat is designed in a way that people of all fitness levels can work with the combating techniques. The best part of the program is that you can actually repeat the workouts to get fitter. Start out with the first schedule, which is the lightest of all. You can move your way up systematically to add the level intensity.

You can always increase or decrease the workout speed to make the program more effective. Slightly advanced level people can use the second calendar and start with more intense training.

However, you need to check out the Basics DVD if you want to do the workouts right. For added results, make sure that you stick to “Stay with the Fight Fitness Guide” and use the Ultimate calendar to reach to the highest fitness levels.


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