Overview of Les Mills Combat: Learn the Combating Techniques

Overview of Les Mills Combat: Learn the Combating Techniques


The newest home fitness DVD training program by Beachbody, known as Les Mills Combat is out now. This total body-changing workout will unleash your inner warrior and get you lean and chiseled body – in just 60 days.

Les Mills Combat Review: Take the Challenge!Get Combat

Mixed martial art is the backbone of the Les Mills Combat workout programs. It is exactly what it sounds like. Six martial arts genres are mixed together in the Les Mills Combat program and arrange them into explosives, intense sequences.
The Les Mills Body Combat classes are known for offering obvious results people get each week. Stay up with the fight if you want to attain a warrior’s physique.

It comes with No weights or Barbells to complete the workouts, you will be kicking, boxing, punching, jumping, and jamming your way with well-choreographed workout routines and the most energizing music.

Ultimate Warrior Workout Kit Review: Details on Cost and Shipment:

LES MILLS COMBAT Ultimate Warrior PackageCost:

The retail price of Ultimate Beachbody Les Mills Combat is $59.85.

To get the LesMills Body Combat Here is your holiday Shipping Reminder:

  • For Arrival by Christmas, make sure that your order before 14th December (Standard Shipping), or by 17th December (Rush Shipping).
  • For Arrival by New Year’s Day, order your Ultimate Warrior Workout Kit by 20th December (Standard Shipping), or by 26th December (Rush Shipping).

About the Les Mills Combat Review: Workout Program:Get Combat

The Les Mills Combat is designed to get you that toned and fit body with the help of mixed martial arts based on the Les Mills BODY COMBAT classes. The 6 types of martial art genres utilized in Les Mills COMBAT and BODYCOMBAT include karate, taekwondo, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing, capoeira, and jiu jitsu.

To get hold on the calorie-blasting and muscle-defining workouts, select from the following Les Mills Combat Workout Kit:

Base Combat Package/ LES MILLS COMBAT Kit
Deluxe Combat Package/ Supreme Warrior Les Mills Combat
Ultimate Combat Package/ Ultimate Warrior Supreme

The Les Mills Combat kits will come with:

  • Coach Exclusive workouts
  • Eat Right for The Fight”, Nutrition Guide
  • Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker
  • Stay With the Fight Fitness Guide

When you buy the Supreme Warrior Les Mills Combat kit, you will get all the basic pack things plus Training gloves at $89.85. With Ultimate Warrior Supreme Kit, get everything plus 4 more workouts at $119.70.

A Little More on the Les Mills Workouts:

The Les Mills Beachbody Challenge program is engineered to bring your body to the most pumped form.

Act fast as this latest combating style by Les Mills is out in the stores; do not miss ordering your DVDs before Christmas.

Place your Les Mills Body Combat orders below:

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