Les Mills Combat Training to Sculpt into a Warrior’s Physique

Les Mills Combat Training to Sculpt into a Warrior’s Physique

Les Mills Combat Training to Sculpt into a Warrior’s Physique

If you want to lose the weight, while getting the sexy abs and a ripped body, then Beachbody workouts are an effective way to do all that! The top of the class cardio and strength training workouts will get you in the best shape of life. With the introduction of first ever Mixed Martial Arts based program “Les Mills Combat” you can build a lean and chiseled body in just 60 days.

Les Mills Combat is a muscle-conditioning program that will train your body with karate styled kicking, boxing, and traditional martial arts routines to burn total body fat with the help of expert trainers Dan and Rachel.


Is Les Mills Combat Similar to a Karate Class?

Les Mills Combat TrainingAlthough most of the moves in Les Mills Combat workout are taken from karate training, but you cannot compare it with any one martial arts routine. Les Mills Combat is a combination of a range of practices including, Karate/Kung Fu, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and Boxing.

Not only that, with the help of expert trainers Dan and Rachel, you will be learning excellent self-defense moves, while training hard with high intensity cardio and muscle-defining routines. In the process, you will blast off more calories and shape up the muscles.

What is the Benefit of Training with Les Mills Combat?

Les Mills Combat review shows that it focuses on maximizing the muscle growth rate and body development. There are several Beachbody workouts, which offer the same kind of results, but Les Mills Combat will teach you the ancient fighting techniques while improving your body from the core.

Here are some of the advanced benefits of Les Mills Combat Workout and its results:

  • Unleash Your Inner WarriorStart with Les Mills Combat and by the end of 60 days, you will come out looking like a warrior.
  • The high intensity cardio routines, from Extreme Cardio Fitness workout, will provide greater weight loss and also promote heart’s health.
  • The high-kicks, punches, and the forceful strikes will build endurance while boosting metabolic process.
  • The Fast Twitch Integration Training technique used in the program will tone and shape your key muscle cluster.
  • Take on Les Mills Combat for 60 days and build a more defined look with improved bone density, posture, core strength, stability, and muscle power.

Concluding Les Mills Combat Review:

With Les Mills Combat Workout, you will be getting a full body workout program features highly intensive workouts using the body as counterweight. This workout will match the fitness needs of any type of fitness buff and Dan and Rachel will give you a detailed Les Mills Combat Review and teach you the techniques so that you perform your best!



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